Santa to visit Clinton on December 23

The Clinton Courier has learned that Santa will once again make a special stop in town on Sunday, December 23, from 6:30-8:30p.m.

Santa’s very good friend Darryl Sims has been in contact with the Jolly Ole Man himself, and Sims promises that Santa will hold court in the front yard of Bob and Joyce White’s home, at 315 Concord Drive in the Olde Vineyard subdivision.

The event has been on Santa’s calendar for the past eighteen years, almost always scheduled for the last Sunday before Christmas Eve. Sims, along with Bob and Joyce White, serve as Santa’s official hosts, making sure that everything is prepared for his arrival, as their special gift to Clinton each year.

When Santa first began appearing in Olde Vineyard, he sat in a small sleigh in the front yard of Sims’ house to visit with children and listen to their gift requests. But when Sims moved to another neighborhood in Clinton, he asked his former neighbors the Whites to host Santa in their front yard. Because the reindeer will be conserving their strength for their flight across the world on Christmas Eve, Santa, Mrs. Claus and some of his elves will arrive in Olde Vineyard via a Clinton police car, with CPD officers as escorts.

The Clinton police escort is exciting even for Santa, as he makes his grand entrance amid flashing blue lights and attention-grabbing sirens.

Children line up on the sidewalk in front of the White home and wait for their time to visit with Santa. Clinton police will supervise parking and crowd control so that the process moves in an orderly manner. Christmas music will encourage the spirit of festivity, and visitors can look at the lights and decorations throughout the neighborhood. All children are encouraged to prepare their Christmas wish lists so that Santa can look them over.

Santa makes it a point to try to speak with each and every child who wants his attention during the two-hour time span. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to bring their cameras.

The annual Santa visit in Olde Vineyard is free of charge and open to all children who believe in the magic of Christmas.

Candy canes and special treats will be provided for all good boys and girls. For more information, call 601-291-2264.

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