Four Successful Pop-Up Shops Consumers Love

Four Successful Pop-Up Shops Consumers Love

From online retailers to well-known brands, many companies have begun to incorporate pop-up shops into their marketing strategy. If you’re considering opening a pop-up shop of your own, take a look at these four successful undertakings. These shops continue to delight customers with unique experiences and innovative opportunities.


In recent years, many companies have strayed away from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, opting instead to sell their products and services exclusively online. In our digital age, this can be beneficial, but many online retailers have seen the added benefit of utilizing pop-up shops in their marketing campaign., for instance, is an online subscription box and pet store, selling everything from chew toys to dog bones. They opened a temporary pop-up shop in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, inviting owners to stop in and shop alongside their furry friend. At this shop, employees fitted dogs with a movement-tracking vest that provided insights into their toy preferences, allowing Barkshop to gather data on a variety of new products.


Like Barkbox, Birchbox is an online subscription service that mails beauty products directly to your door. Rather than setting up their store in one location, Birchbox decided to take their pop-up shop on the road, touring several cities across the United States. At this highly successful pop-up shop, customers could build their own personalized makeup box or stop by a Try Bar where they could test various beauty products before purchasing. Other activities, such as astrology readings and manicures, helped create a truly unique experience that consumers were eager to try.


Each year, Pantone announces a color of the year. While this is an effective marketing strategy in its own right, the company recently decided to take things to the next level, opening a pop-up café during Paris Fashion Week. At the Pantone Café, customers could experience all the vivid hues offered by the company and enjoy a tasty treat at the same time. Their bright Jolly Green juice and rich brown madeleine cookies allowed customers to experience all the colors of the rainbow in a fun and innovative way. Even the cups and napkins came in trademark Pantone hues so consumers could indulge all five of their senses in this creative experience.

Hello Kitty

Many marketing professionals know that one of the best ways to a customer’s heart is through their stomach, and Hello Kitty is no exception. Instead of waiting for people to come to their café, Hello Kitty brought their café to the people. The Hello Kitty Café Trucks travel across the country in adorable pink vans, bringing their sweet treats to customers nationwide. The company also established a custom hashtag and Instagram account so fans can keep track of the trucks and see when they’ll be stopping in a nearby city. These mobile pop-up shops put a twist on the traditional brick-and-mortar shops and allow the company to reach an even larger audience.

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