Hillman College construction slowed by Yazoo Clay and Natural Springs

If you have traveled the Clinton Parkway in the last year, you have seen large amounts of dirt work taking place in what once was the Lions Club Park, home to the iconic Caterpillar.    The questions around the dirt work have not been in short supply.   Are they digging to China?   Will that be a pool?    We do know that the planned result will be 100 Class A apartments and commercial square footage on 2.7 acres.

To find out the answers to so many Clintonian questions, The Clinton Courier crew took a short walk from our new office at 105 E. Main to the site of the future Hillman Commons.   After our 30 second walk, we found a construction worker eager to talk to us.    We asked if he could explain what was happening with all the dirt.   He grinned and responded someone didn’t fully understand exactly how much Yazoo Clay was on the site.  The early measurements showed most of the Yazoo Clay to be where the apartments are to be built and the good soil where the parking lot is.

So, the original plan was to basically swap places with the Yazoo Clay and good dirt.   This process started but did not solve the problem.  They had more Yazoo Clay than originally anticipated and are now in the process of hauling it out.   If you have been in Olde Towne Clinton recently, you have probably met a dump truck or the flagman directing traffic near the post office.  All of this activity is connected to the removal of the Yazoo Clay.

Before we left, the construction worker asked us if there were springs in the area.   We told him about the one just a couple blocks over.   He then shared with us that he believes they have found one on the property.  They are not 100% sure where it is, but they can’t get the land to dry, water is coming from somewhere.

No information is available on how long these two issues will set the project back.

To view some of the early prep and construction work on the site, visit our album on Facebook from May of 2019.

The start of Hillman Commons Construction at the location of the old Lions Club Park in Downtown Clinton

Posted by The Clinton Courier on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

For more history on the project when the land was sold, Click to read our article from 2017

What the Developer says about Hillmon Commons:

Located in Clinton’s historic downtown, this mixed use building will provide 100 residences integrated with 5,000 square feet of general commercial space.  It is located across the street from Mississippi College and will be an instant contribution to a truly special town and college. Anticipated completion of construction is spring of 2020.





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