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6 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid After a Breakup




Ending a relationship, no matter how long it lasted is never easy, especially if you weren’t the person that ended it, however, life goes on and you must move on. It’s definitely easier said than done but that’s simply the way things work.


Everyone reacts differently. Some people get over it very quickly, while others hold on to it for quite some time. No one can blame them, but it’s not going to change anything. You may have worked so hard to salvage this relationship but it obviously wasn’t enough.


You can either accept it or torture yourself by suffering enormously. Generally speaking, there are some things that a person must never do after a breakup. If you wonder what it is, read carefully this article to make sure not to make these mistakes.

Having Sex

Sex may seem like an appealing option at first, but that doesn’t mean that you should become friends with benefits now that you are no longer together. It doesn’t lead anywhere. People are rarely able to be friends of any kind after an ending.


On the other hand, if you really think you can pull this off, then you can do it, but try not to be emotionally involved and get your hopes up, especially if you were the one that’s been hurt. Sex is an intimate act and may turn into something more, no matter how much you try to resist.

Forcing Closure

What does this mean exactly? It’s when two people end their relationship and then one of them wants to talk about the things they forgot (or didn’t want) to say after or just before a breakup. That’s okay if you want it, but not too soon.


You are probably expecting some sort of apology or even regret from the other side, but that’s not going to happen, at least not as quickly as you may expect it to occur. Your wound is still fresh. Give it some time to heal and then you will be ready to talk about certain topics.

Do Not Criticize Yourself

It’s difficult not to be hard on yourself, and unfortunately, many people after a breakup blame themselves for everything, which is completely wrong. Relationship specialists at think that you shouldn’t be analyzing your actions and traits too much. Many tend to start naming all their flaws, calling themselves different bad names, etc.


Don’t ever do that. No matter what happens, you have to avoid any negative self-talk. You are already hurting and your self-esteem is probably not at the highest level, so try not to make things worse, if possible.

Avoid Rebounds

At first glance, this may seem like a good idea, however, it often causes more damage than it does anything good. This may be beneficial for you after a while, but not as soon as your relationship is over.


This is especially not good if you’re doing it with someone who couldn’t care less about you. It may seem irrelevant at first, but you will end up regretting it at some point. Rebounds may be a helpful tool, but they can never heal you in the way you expect it to do.

Move On Too Soon

Another mistake that people make is trying to move on as quickly as possible. We know that you feel lost and broken but let nature take its course. It’s completely acceptable that you want to pull all pieces back together in order to feel whole again but that’s just not how things work.


Right now, you think that another person is going to remove the emptiness you feel and he/she will do that, in time not at this very instant. Just take some time to reflect on everything that has happened.

Alcohol Is A Huge No-No!

Alcohol often seems like a very tempting solution to your current emotional state, but believe us, it isn’t. Many people think that alcoholic beverages are going to numb their feelings and make them forget what happened.


They will, but maybe for a couple of hours until it evaporates from your body. Once it is gone, the reality is going to hit you really hard, and then you will feel worse than ever! Drinking doesn’t mean that you are moving on. It just eases your pain for a short period of time.

It Will All Get Better In Time


Right now it seems like a mission impossible, but eventually, you will see that things do change for the better. Recovering from a breakup is really hard but you shouldn’t be doing things to make things worse. Instead, give yourself some time to heal and take these suggestions seriously if you want to come out as a winner from this situation.


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