What To Do If You’re Being Treated Unfairly At Work

Every individual should be treated fairly at work. However, there are unfortunate instances wherein this is not the case, such as when it comes to pay raises and promotions, as well as other opportunities. If you deem that you are being treated unfairly at work, then read on to have a good insight into the things that you should do.


Gather Ample Documentation

One of the primary things that you need to do if you deem that you are being treated unfairly at work is to gather ample documentation about it. These are the records that you can use to build your case later on as necessary. Some of the documents that you can gather include email messages or internal memos, as well as office communications and voice mails. These will serve as good pieces of evidence that will show any unfair treatment.


You also need to keep a contemporaneous record of the incidents of mistreatment by keeping note of the dates and times that it happened. If you are continuously working with the person who mistreated you, exert the extra effort to maintain a professional relationship with him or her. In this case, there will be a small chance that they gather any document that can turn the tables against you.

Escalate the Matter with Proper Reporting

Another thing that you can do when you think or feel that you are being treated unfairly at work is to escalate the matter by reporting it properly to the right persons. Initially, you may seek the advice of someone who you can trust but who is in the right position to deal with the matter such as an employee representative or someone in the human resources department. Sharing the situation with a colleague is not recommended because it may only pave the way for office gossip.


If the other party involves your manager or your direct superior, you can turn to an employment solicitor who specializes in rules and regulations in the workplace. They are in the best position to offer impartial and unbiased advice when the situation already becomes out of hand. Rest assured that your employer will not be able to fire you after you escalate or file a formal complaint because it will be an act of retaliation against you, which is an added case apart from unfair treatment.

Seek Legal Advice

There is also the option for you to seek legal advice when you are being treated unfairly at work. There are different types of unfair treatment and the outcome in each case may also vary. Just keep in mind that the approach that you need to take with the help of a lawyer depends on what you intend to accomplish.


For instance, if you have been involved in a workplace accident, causing you to sustain injuries, it is the responsibility of your employer to help you recover. It is an unfair treatment if they fail to compensate you accordingly to foster your healing and recovery. In this case, you can seek legal advice from seasoned lawyers. When you research online sources, you may come across fendonlaw.net/workers-compensation-lawyer/, which will provide you with a good idea of who you should get in touch with when it comes to legal issues in your compensation concerning lost wages in case you sustain injuries. You may need to take a different approach in case you intend to remain on your job or file a lawsuit along with other colleagues who went through the same situation.

Take Care of your Overall Well-being

Finally, make sure that you take care of your overall well-being. Because unfair treatment can be emotionally traumatizing, the importance of self-care cannot be denied. For this reason, you should have a support system composed of your family and friends, or even your spiritual advisers. The people in your circle should make you feel safe and comfortable, allowing you to share your feelings with them. They will remind you that you are not alone and other people are dealing with the same circumstance.



When you think or feel that you are being treated unfairly at work, make sure to gather ample documentation because these records will serve as valuable pieces of information to back up your case later on. Alongside this, also ensure to report the incidents of unfair treatment to the proper persons and seek legal counseling as necessary. While it may prove to be difficult to do so, ensure that you are also taking care of your overall well-being for you to be able to move past this unfortunate situation.

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