What To Do When You Injure Your Back At Work

The safety of employees is an undeniable right that they must be given. As an employee, you should work in a healthy, productive, and safe environment. Should any accident or injury occur, you must report it to your supervisor. If no swift action is taken to address the matter, you should think of escalating the situation.

Regardless of the degree of pain, back injuries can significantly hinder your performance. Numerous occupations heavily rely on your mobility and endurance, such as factory work, construction, or nursing. Moreover, desk jobs require several hours of sitting in front of a computer. This can also make a back injury worse. Because it is a serious issue, here is what to consider in case you injure your back at work.

Causes Of Back Injuries In the Workplace

Back injuries are highly common in the workplace. To reduce the risk of any injury, you should know the causes. Most injuries result from the twisting or overextension of the spine through heavy lifting, pulling, or pushing. Manual handling in tight and awkward places, such as in delivery services. If you work in construction, you can be prone to back injuries from falls from high places or equipment malfunction. Sitting for prolonged hours without breaks causes poor posture, which later results in more adverse health impacts. Working beyond your capacity can lead to muscle strain and severe backache. Recurring back pain episodes can lead to spinal injuries as well.

Seek Medical Attention

Like any physical injury, the sooner you treat it, the better. This is why it is vital to get professional help right away, which is luckily fairly simple in states like Georgia. You should inform your supervisor or team leader as soon as it happens. Supervisors should see to your injury whether by referring you to the on-staff doctor or nurse. You should not tough the pain out and resume working. Physical activity can rub salt to the wound. According to the expert team of lawyers at Gregory Smith Law, supervisors in Augusta should offer early leaves and paid time off if you are injured due to occupational hazards. To support your case, you should document the incident to decrease the medical expenses.

Apply For Workers’ Compensation

No matter how much we try to avoid accidents, they happen. This is where workers’ compensation comes into play. It is a state-approved insurance program that takes care of work-relevant illnesses and injuries. When your workplace offers this type of insurance, you can have your medical bills covered from diagnosis to health care. There are also other expenses, such as transportation to and from medical appointments, physical and mental therapy, lost wages, and other compensations. It is good to keep all the necessary documentation of the injury and incident to get fully funded.

The Needed Documentation

While your primary goal is to get your injury treated, you should also get the necessary paperwork done. This will help you later on with the insurance coverage and sick leave. It is vital to keep track of things, such as doctor’s notes, medical bills, witness statements, security and surveillance footage, test results, and any written notes sent to your employer about the incident. Letting managers know about the injury will help you get faster treatment and help make the workplace a safer environment.

Hire Reputable Lawyers

Normally, in back injury cases, you can represent yourself. This is if certain conditions apply. For instance, you get to defend your own case if your employer admits that your injury was sustained at w

ork, you missed little work due to the injury, and you do not have a pre-existing injury to cause your current one. Other times, the help of a professional is highly recommended, especially if complexities arise.



For example, insurance companies can be tricky to deal with and your claim can be denied if not supported by concrete evidence. Moreover, your employer’s settlement may not cover all the bills or lost wages. Another instance can be the changes made by your employer after your claim, such as demoting, firing, or reducing your salary. Since the situations can vary, it is wise to play it safe with expert help.

With any injury sustained at the workplace grounds, you should immediately report to your employer. Back injuries are very common in various jobs that involve vigorous physical activity and even regular nine-to-five ones. Strains, fractures, or a herniated disc can obstruct your daily tasks. So, it is better to notify your manager, document the injury cause, seek medical attention, and file for compensation. If there are any complications, enlist the help of a lawyer.


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