What Makes Survival Shovels Unique

Have you thought about buying a survival shovel for your next camping? If you have not, you should buy one as it is an important tool. It’s just like other shovels, but you can use it to do different things other normal shovels wouldn’t do.

To get yourself the best survival shovels is usually harder than it looks. The reason is that their surface appears the same as any other shovel. The big difference is in their quality.

Just because you have heard people say that survival shovels are necessary does not mean you go for any survival shovel. You might do this and get frustrated at the end. Look at the features of a shovel when buying it and purchase a shovel with all the features you require. Checking survival shovel reviews before purchasing one will help you make an informed decision.



You are probably debating with your mind whether to or not to buy a survival shovel. They are unique items, and they are worth buying. Below is a discussion on what makes these shovels unique.

You Can use them For Different Purposes

You probably think about how a person uses a survival shovel to move different materials whenever you hear its name mentioned. This has probably made you think that it is not worth buying it and other camping tools are what you only need. It is high time you ignore these thoughts since this is not all that a survival shovel can do.

You can use a survival shovel to dig a latrine, a fire pit, trap holes, or dig your car out of mad. Its blade is strong enough to easily dig through hard grounds. Also, it has a serrated edge that helps it cut through any roots that you might come across when digging.

When camping, you can use a survival shovel to set up your camp. It has a rope cutter that you can use to cut ropes when setting up your camping site. Also, it has a ruler that you can use to measure any distance that needs to be measured.

You do not have to carry a matchbox when you have this tool. It has a magnesium flint that you can use to light up a fire. Fish scaling, hammering, and bottle opening are other things that can be done by a survival shovel.

Survival Shovels Can Be Easily Stored

Maybe you are thinking of not carrying a survival shovel the next time you are going camping because of its length. This should not worry you because most of the best survival shovels can be folded to reduce their length. When folded, they occupy less space and can be easily stored in a car’s trunk. You can also carry a survival shovel in a backpack or on your belt when hiking.

Survival Shovels Are Adjustable

You can adjust a survival shovel’s handle angle to 30, 60, or 90 degrees, depending on what you want to use it for. You can also adjust the shovel length depending on what you are digging since it has an extension tube. All these make this tool be used as an ax and a hoe. However, not all survival shovels are adjustable. You can read more here to know the features of different survival shovels and identify the adjustable ones. Also, look for a guideline on how they are supposed to be adjusted.

Survival Shovels Can Help During Emergencies

Imagine a wild animal appears when you are in your tent, and you have no tool to scare it away. It can be frightening, and the wild animal can end up hurting you. However, when you have a survival shovel, this will not happen.

It has a sharp end that you can use for self-defense. If you are very defenseless, you can hit the animal using the shovel. The shovel also has a whistle that you can blow to alert the people around you that you are in danger.

They Are Easy To Use



You have probably seen someone using a survival shovel before. Therefore, you will not be clueless when you are told to use it. Also, it has a simple design, which will make you not need a manual when using it. All you need to know is how to hold it firmly and how to adjust it. Also, be careful when using it to avoid injuries.

A survival shovel is one of the tools you need to buy if you want to go hiking, camping, or setting up an emergency home. It is a simple tool to use and can be used for different purposes. Also, it can be adjusted to be fit for these purposes and also be stored easily.


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