Travel In Style On A Board And Four Wheels


Skateboarding is fun, especially when you are traveling in your neighborhood or abroad. Just like any other good thing in life, learning to skateboard can be time-consuming. It’s the part that makes it so much fun. So whether your goal is to master different skate tricks or take a smooth ride when you travel, there is a skateboard style that meets your needs. One perfect example of a skating style is cruising. It is used for transportation or taking a peek at what nature has to offer. 

Tips on how to Travel in Style

Cruising can be a perfect activity for beginners and pros. Here are the following tips before going off on your next ride abroad or locally:

Safety First

You may have seen many skater videos online jumping downstairs or flying out of rinks with no safety gear. These people may be pros and have spent too much time practicing with their tricks. However, whether you are a professional or a beginner, it is always best to wear protective gear. Wear a helmet, right shoes, knee pads, and wrist guards to protect your body from possible falls. 



Pick the right board

Now that you have all the protective gear with you, it’s time for you to choose the right skateboard. Cruiser boards have a wider deck compared to an ordinary skateboard. It also has soft wheels that give you more grip and makes your turn more seamless. You may also check out electric skateboards and longboards as these are also popular boards to some people. It is fun and practical to use. If you are undecided which one to choose, our colleagues at Skating Electric review skateboards, which can help you decide which one will fit your needs. Skateboards come in so many different sizes, shapes, and styles. It can be hard to know what’s right for you. A little guide will definitely help. 


Choose a Stance

Most people will have an instinct of which direction they are most comfortable to ride towards. Skateboarders can pick a regular stance or a goofy stance. Regular footed is when your left foot is in the front while riding. While goof footed works the other way around. Your right foot is in the front. Always keep in mind that there is one direction that will feel more natural than the other. 


One tip if you want to travel using your skateboard, practice first in a safe and familiar spot before going out in a busy street. Practice basic moves and setting your course over pebbles and rough obstacles to make you ready for any road you may encounter. You should also practice falling, as knowing how to fall can help you protect and avoid any major injury. 


So whether you are just beginning to learn skateboarding or doing it for years now, always be prepare and choose the right board that fits your needs. Always practice and continue to learn. This is to boost your confidence and more ready to travel with style.


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