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These Amazing Items Will Help Your Senior Loved Ones Feel More Comfortable

Age is an inevitability but getting older doesn’t mean that your life has to suddenly come to a stop. We tend to forget that our senior loved ones are still full of life and energy, they just have a harder time doing things. We should want what’s best for them and to ensure that they are both happy and comfortable.

Life as a senior comes with a few more challenges, but many, if not most seniors still have a desire to be independent and carry on with their lives as per usual. There are a lot of things that can help make life more comfortable as well as safer for them. Here’s a list of a few items that will help your senior loved ones feel more comfortable as they continue to age.



1. Stairlifts

Body pains, arthritis, issues with strength and balance can all make getting up and down stairs difficult for some. It’s not always easy, or even possible for some elderly loved ones to get around using stairs. If this is true for your home or your loved one’s home then consider installing a stairlift in the home for them. Tripping and falling down on the stairs can lead to serious injuries. It takes the elderly a lot longer to heal from injuries meaning that sometimes they don’t have the ability to heal at all. A fall can sometimes even be fatal. To avoid these types of accidents make sure that they have a safe way to get up and down the stairs. Having a way to easily move up and down the stairs will allow them to feel a lot safer and more comfortable with their ability to be mobile.

2. Mobility Devices

Mobility and the freedom to get around on their own is a great feeling for anyone and doesn’t need to change when one becomes old. The inability to move around can get frustrating and lead to depression. This is why it is important for the elderly to be able to move around somewhat independently. Mobility devices are a great tool, according to, and have come a long way. Mobility scooters, chair lifts, electric wheelchairs, etc all make getting around that much easier. By finding the best-suited device for them you can help them feel more comfortable in their daily activities. Being able to get around unaided can lift one’s spirits.

3. Motion Sensor Lights

Impaired vision is something that can make young and old alike feel uncomfortable. Motion sensor lights are a great option for the elderly as they won’t have to worry about finding switches in the dark. This is also a great option for seniors who have muscle ailments and as such have a harder time with switches. Motion sensor lights offer security and assurance for navigating around the home at night or in reduced lighting.

4. Voice Controlled Tech

This one is great for your older loved ones who like a bit of tech. There are so many devices that can make life around the home easier for them and you and a great option is Voice-controlled appliances. These can assist with video calls, alarms, and a plethora of other things to make your senior loved one feel more independent and comfortable in their own home. With voice activation, one doesn’t have to fiddle around learning a new device, so it is much easier to get on with things.

5. Weighted Blankets

This one is super simple, but it’s a great way to ease the anxiety and stress that they may be facing. Helping someone get a better night’s rest with a weighted blanket is of great value and can improve mood, mental clarity, and overall health.

6. Big Button Devices

For those devices that can’t use voice control, swopping them out for one that has big buttons makes it much easier for them to see and handle. This creates a sense of comfort knowing that they can use a device confidently and on their own. Give them as much independence as possible, because no one enjoys having to constantly ask for help, especially around simple tasks.



Things like strength and balance change as we age. It’s deeply frustrating to not be able to control your body the way you once did and it can make a home feel like a dangerous place. Considering the needs of your elderly loved ones is important when it comes to items to make life more comfortable for them. Sometimes simple things can prove to be the most useful, so look to the simple things for comfort regarding their physical, mental, and emotional needs.




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