Useful Tips For Choosing A Stairlift

Having a stairlift in your home can be beneficial for a number of different reasons; there can be an elderly relative living with you or someone who got significantly injured. However, there are a variety of models available of stairlifts to choose from. The process of searching for the most suitable one can be quite stressful and a lot of people do not know what to look for. Here are a few tips to go over when choosing your lift.



1.Be Aware Of Your Staircase 

The type of staircase you have at home is one of the things that will determine the suitable stairlift for your home. Are your stairs straight? Straight staircases are easily put in place and are not expensive at all. The company you choose should get everything done including putting the stairlift in its place by a week, maximum. On the other hand, if your stairs are curved, it takes much longer and costs more as the rail will be customized to be suitable for the shape of the stairs. 

2.Take The Person’s Needs And Physique Into Consideration 

You need to provide the company with the needs of the person who will be using the stairlift to get up and down the stairs. By providing this information, you are helping the staff find out if a stairlift is the best solution for their needs. As soon as this is determined, choosing a suitable stairlift will be easily done. Considering the person’s weight and height is also important in order to find the perfect stairlift. Adding to the fact that it will help in narrowing down the options available, as the weight capacity for a lift can be between 250 – 400 lbs. The folks at know all about the importance of the weight of the person in such situations. If the person is overweight or underweight other options may be provided such as a wheelchair lift or using an elevator.  



3.Are You Renting Or Buying 

Some companies offer you the option of renting or buying the stairlift. The amount of time you will need the stairlift will help you determine whether you should rent or buy one. If the stairlift is needed for a limited time due to an injury or a short-term living situation, then renting is the option for you. However, if it is needed due to a limitation in the movement for you or someone who lives with you, or due to other health conditions, you will surely need it for the long run so buying one is your best solution. 

4.Choosing The Right Dealer 

There are a number of companies to choose from, you need to do your research before doing so in order for you to find a reliable company with good service. Look for a company with a staff that is doing what is best for the customers and not only doing it for the money, this will ensure that you get treated professionally. A good stairlift company should be qualified in installation, servicing, rentals, removing the stairlift, relocating, refitting, and most importantly offering maintenance services after the installation process. You will want to have someone to call in case the stairlift breaks down or needs a new battery. 

5.Consider All Stairlift Options

Choosing the perfect option depends on the person using it. You have plenty of options to look at and will surely choose what is best for the user’s safety and comfort. To start with, there is a folding rail stairlift, which is installed for many different reasons. If there are other family members living with the stairlift user, it may make it difficult for them to use the stairs or the rail may be blocking a door or a walking hall, so installing a folding rail is the best solution. There is also the option to install the stairlift with a larger seat or footrest, whatever is more comfortable for the user. There are also a power-swivel seat and a power-folding footrest which can be quite helpful for people with muscle weakness. The power-swivel seat stairlift will allow the user to have control over turning the seat using only a button or remote control. The power-folding footrest will also help people with back problems that can not manually fold the footrest. 



Using these tips, all you need to do is start your searching process for the perfect stairlift for you or one of your loved ones. Do all the research you need and ask all the necessary questions in order to make the right decision.


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