Adopting Your First Family Dog? Here’s What You Need To Know


Adopting a pet is a giant leap, but the chances are high that your life will be more exciting than ever with the companionship of your new furry best friend.


Before you head over to your local animal shelter, it is vital to choose the right pet for your lifestyle. More than that, it is also essential that you are ready to take the role of a full-time fur parent because caring for a pooch will be one of your life’s greatest commitments.


The idea can make you nervous, but you don’t have to worry! Adopting a dog should be anything but frustrating. In this article, we will share some tips for you to have a smooth-sailing adoption process.


Come up with the right decision

The idea of having an adorable four-legged friend at home is making you excited in itself; what more once you finally have your pet at home? Once you get excited about the idea of having a dog, you might be tempted to make a prompt decision.


Before coming up with a decision, make sure you can balance your life as a pet owner and an adult. For instance, if you live in an apartment, obviously a large dog doesn’t suit you. If you frequently go on business trips, who will be there to take care of your dog when you’re not at home? These are some questions to ponder.

Adopting means getting your pup from an animal shelter

Keep in mind that adopting means you have to get your pet from an animal shelter. Adopting a dog means you will save a life. Each year, it’s known that at least a million pets are euthanized in the United States alone for the reason that too few people consider adoption when looking for a pet. Therefore, opt to save a life than spend a dime.

What to do before dog’s arrival

Now that you have decided which rescued dog is the perfect fit for your lifestyle, it’s time to prepare the necessities. The most important thing to do is dog-proof your home, meaning removing all items that may be hazardous and dangerous to your new pet. For instance, keep pesticides, sharp objects, toxic plants, and personal belongings out of your pet’s reach.


Since your dog will also require a lot from you, you must meet your responsibilities as his fur parent. Your new pooch will need healthcare, shelter, water, food, and, most importantly, companionship. Buy high-quality dog food, dog bed, hygiene kit, food and water bowls, treats, and toys to meet your dog’s needs.

What to do after dog’s arrival

Congratulations! This is an enjoyable time, and while the excitement is heightened, learn how to slow down. Since your dog is new to the environment, expect him to be distant or playful for some time. Do not quickly force him into training—make sure to provide a safe space for himself to retreat when he finds his environment too overwhelming. Let your new family member adjust to his new environment. Soon enough, he’ll feel at home.


As a new dog owner, it’s your responsibility to learn the basics of caring for a dog. Being a dog parent is a challenging journey, but with these tips in mind, you’re bound to succeed as a dog parent. 


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