4 Tips On How To Stay Comfortable While Wearing A Face Mask


Feel Comfortable And Safe While Wearing A Mask


The famous face mask is now a part of our dressing-up routine. There are even designer masks available for people who want to follow the regulations and be safe and at the same time, don’t want to dampen their fashion statement. The only complaint mostly heard by mask users is that it is not very comfortable. Below are 4 tips on how to stay comfortable while wearing a face mask.


Select The Right Fabris


N95 masks are made from synthetic materials that are not light and make it harder to breathe when you wear them for longer hours. Choose light and breathable material like cotton that will keep your face cooler while wearing the mask. If you work out strenuously every day then you definitely need breathable face masks for athletes that come with comfort wear features. You can also choose the one that comes with in-built earphones so that the strings are not knotting with those of your masks. For regular use, you can make a two-layer mask from a cotton t-shirt. 


Keep Your Mask Dry


Cotton masks absorb less moisture and are more absorbent. However, if it gets damp due to breathing or sweating then it is less effective. It will not be able to filter respiratory particles. Apart from that it will be uncomfortable to water and can cause abrasion to the skin. It is however not possible to stay in well-ventilated locations at all times to prevent it. If you are more prone to being in humid conditions for a longer period of the day then you can try to use a mask made out of absorbent material like bamboo. They can turn out to be highly efficient in such weather conditions and can be washed easily.




Avoid Going Out During Hotter Period Of The Day


If you cannot for some reason avoid going out during the hottest part of the day then you should at least try not to do so for extended periods. Try to cool off and dry your mask. Wearing it for longer periods when it is too hot can make it difficult for you to breathe and cause dizziness also. You can use an ice pack or damp cloth on your head and neck to cool off. The only precaution you must take in this scenario is not to get your mask wet or touch your face.


Carry A Spare With You



While it is not possible to keep your mask clean all the time when you are outside, the best remedy to comfortably wear your mask for an extended period is to swap it with a fresh one. The mask has a limited lifespan and it is best not to keep wearing it after it has become sticky or wet with sweat. You can move away from people, remove your mask and swap it with a fresh new one. 


We hope the above four tips help you wear your mask comfortably. Remember to wash your hands and keep social distancing to provide yourself with the best safety precaution. 


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