Will an Urban SUV Ban Really Help Keep Pedestrians Safe?

SUV on road at night

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An increasingly higher number of people are pushing for urban SUV bans based on the premise that this would increase road safety. SUVs have long drawn criticism because of their large size, boxy shape, and tendency to roll over during traffic mishaps. 

Ironically designed and marketed to be safer than other types of transportation, studies show that this isn’t actually the case. The size lulls drivers into a sense of security, but passengers are 11% more likely to die when riding an SUV.

Where the Issue Stands Now

The extended height of SUVs makes them more likely to roll when involved in an accident. Modeled on trucks, they often lack the safety systems that 18-wheelers have. Legislators in the United States and Europe have begun addressing these problems with new regulations. Still, some people would prefer a complete ban on vehicles in urban streets.

According to the press, horror stories about the dangers of SUVs abound. For example, in a highly publicized incident, a Bera SUV jumped a curb and killed four people that included a 64-year-old grandmother, her 3-year-old grandson, and two 20-year-old men.

Marketing Juggernaut

Despite the dangers, consumers are attracted to the vehicles and their flashy marketing campaigns. The sales of SUVs in Europe have jumped from 9% of the market in 2009 to 36% in 2018. In the United States, sales have increased by 200% to 347% in most years of the past decade.

The rising popularity of SUVs has canceled out many benefits of other green programs. The International Energy Agency announced that the increased sales of SUVs neutralized any benefits derived from driving electric cars in urban environments. The gains in carbon emissions surpass the savings from all electric-powered vehicles. Other related statistics point out the following drawbacks of SUVs:

  • At present rates, the need for oil would rise by two million barrels a day.
  • Auto emissions have risen for the past 2 years.
  • Nearly two-thirds of all vehicles sold in the United States are trucks and SUVs.
  • The surge in SUV sales has created a genuine safety crisis in urban areas.
  • SUVs feature a distinctly pedestrian-unfriendly outlook.
  • SUVs are often used as mobile party venues in urban areas.
  • SUVs take up more room and extra parking space in areas already suffering from traffic congestion.

SUVs Can Be Deadly for Pedestrians

It has become increasingly obvious how deadly SUVs are to pedestrians because of outdoor activities caused by stay-at-home orders during the Covid-19 crisis. According to a study, more than 8,800 pedestrians were killed on roads dominated by SUVs and trucks in 2019. 

Large vehicles are more deadly to pedestrians and bicyclists than their smaller counterparts, and cyclist deaths rose 38% in 2019. Unfortunately, SUVs are too popular and profitable to ban entirely. The regulation process is notoriously slow, so you can’t expect changes in policies overnight.

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Even the Odds

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