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How to Get Hired In The Translation Industry


Just like any creative work that may relate to the majority of academic fields and applications, the translation industry belongs to one of the most competitive professional environments. It means that it follows a certain set of quality standards and several notions that help even the casual customers see whether it is any good. Regardless if you would like to enter the translation business as a freelancer or work as a part of a large translation agency, the chances are high that you will need a bit more than your language certification proof. 


The Factors That Help Get You Hired In The Translation Industry


  • Amazing Language Skills


Of course, you have to possess good language skills and provide relevant certification, yet it is far not everything as you must be good as a writer and native speaker who knows enough about writing mechanics, dialects, and the other aspects of dealing with an official text or creative design writing requests as an example. You should be able to choose at least three categories where your translation skills will stand out. For example, you may either work with the official documents or focus on book translations. 



  • Academic Degree – Technical Translation Job


If you have a technical background, you may consider complex translations or work as a translation expert. As a rule, these specialists are always in demand. They evaluate the translation’s technical terms use and clarity. Being a native speaker, you can also proofread and edit the final submissions received from all over the world. 


  • Computer Literacy.


The presence of good computer skills is obligatory for those who want to become a translator. If you know MS Word well and also have basic knowledge of Photoshop and ML solutions like Trados or CrowdIn, you have more chances of getting employed or managing various tasks as you work independently. The better your skills are, the more accurate documents you can provide. Of course, if you work with any official document, you will also require relevant certificates and technical skills to provide quality proof. 


  • Cultural Education. 


Cultural education is one of those special skills that set many professional translators apart from amateurs. Just think about the importance of understanding the country’s traditions and background as you translate songs, movies, literary works, or even TED Talk videos that make references to specific American traditions. The same relates to video game translation requests that implement more than good grammar. You can learn more about localization translation services to see that it also includes a complex cultural adjustment of every minor detail. As a native speaker, you should also be open-minded, unbiased, with a sufficient set of cultural knowledge. 


  • Business Skills & Leadership. 


If you want to get employed and achieve success, you should have strong leadership skills and understand how to promote your resume and existing knowledge. Did you ever wonder about how to get any job you want? We all did, which is why it is important to learn about the basics of business marketing and ensure that you offer something unique that sets you apart from the rest. Be confident, know your strengths and weaknesses, and add a creative twist! 


The Art of Team Cooperation 



Even if you are working as a freelancer, you should not ignore the aspect of teamwork and the basics of cooperation. It helps you to stay aware of all the innovations in the world of machine learning tools and quality benchmarks. At the same time, you can learn about what kind of translation software you might have to check to learn what that odd client is asking about. The cooperation, your activity on social media, and the creation of a constantly updated CV will help you to establish a secure spot in the translation industry. The more work you do as you explore, the more chances for success you get! 




As a business advisor with a linguistic background, Merissa likes to explore all the latest news and innovations related to education, technology, and a healthy lifestyle. Her posts offer interesting ideas and recommendations that help to achieve success.


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