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Thinking Where To Take Out Your Partner Next? You Might Like Grand Ole Opry

Are you bored of your usual restaurant dates and need a new place to go with your partner? Visit Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, a popular country music venue that is bound to make your date more memorable. A lot of tickets available for the Opry combine both the live show and the VIP tour, so, if you are looking forward to both experiences, book a combined ticket. 



Follow this dedicated guide to know more about the Grand Ole Opry and how to get there for your next date.


Things To Do

While the Grand Ole Opry is known for its energetic live music shows that you must attend at least once, there are other interesting things to do as well. After you finish attending the live show of your choice, take a tour of the entire venue that offers an insightful and passionate history about country music and its origin. The building possesses a historical significance too, which is covered in the walking tour. If you are not really interested in learning about the historical implications, you can book a behind-the-scenes VIP tour to see the inner workings and backstage procedure before a show goes live. You may also get to visit one of the famous performer’s dressing rooms where they get ready for the show. Moreover, this VIP tour is bound to make your concert experience even more enthralling. 




Since the Grand Ole Opry House is extremely popular across the country, the tickets to most live shows and VIP tours are sold out a few weeks before showtime. To avoid running out of tickets, book them as soon as you can. The Grand Ole Opry concert tickets are available here. You can also call on their official number to get information on the availability of tickets and book them on the spot. The venue attracts hundreds of country music lovers on a daily basis. If you are a music lover too, you will likely make new friends during your visit. Once you are done with the concert, you can explore the rest of Nashville, which is also a music-friendly place.

Getting There

When you have the tickets in your hand, you are ready to reach the venue. Get to downtown Nashville as it has many connecting routes and modes of transportation to get to the Grand Ole Opry House, which is 13 miles away from this point. Hire a cab to reach there in time. If you are taking a flight to Nashville, you can either take the public bus or hire a shuttle service at the airport to get to the venue. To make your tour more interesting, learn some basics about country music and research the artists that are supposed to perform in the concert. With this, you can sing along during the performance and make the most out of your experience. 



Even if you are not a country music fanatic, you will become one after attending a live show at Grand Ole Opry. After all, is it one of the Nashville, Tennessee tours to take. With several famous and upcoming artists performing at the venue, you are bound to expand your music knowledge as well. Moreover, your partner will likely enjoy this new experience too.


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