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How to Find Strata Manager?


For the excellent running of strata titles, you need to hire a strata manager for such purposes. The strata manager Brisbane will be responsible for overseeing managerial and administerial tasks in the strata scheme. Therefore, to get exemplary services, you will need to hire a strata manager that is a perfect fit for the job. How will you know a qualified strata manager for hiring? Use the elements outlined in this article as your basis of selection.


  • License and accreditation


You need to hire a legally operating strata manager. Before selecting a Strata manager, you should ensure that they have all the permits and qualifications required. There are many quacks in the market posing as strata managers who can deliver services to clients. As a result, due diligence is fundamental to weed out such strata managers as they are underqualified and cannot help the management of your property. 


To reduce such instances, ensure the manager you are selecting has valid permits that show they are qualified to offer their services to clients. You can make an extra effort by liaising with the relevant governing authority to cross-check the authenticity of the documentation. Management of strata titles is a regulated function. Therefore, you need to ensure that the manager you choose abides by all the stipulated laws. Any defiance will attract hefty fines to your property.


Additionally, you can check how knowledgeable the manager is on matters of strata legislation. This is important since there are many amendments to the rules. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of the legislation is essential for compliance.





  • Their level of experience



The expertise of the manager should be another aspect you should consider when selecting. For assurance of quality services, you should always settle for a Strata manager with the right qualifications and skills for the job. Before hiring them, consider going through their portfolio and look at some of the skills and qualifications. The skillset of the company shows you how prepared they are to deliver quality services to their clients. It also offers you the range of services they comfortably deliver. 


You can use the working years of the strata manager to determine their expertise in the area. By serving in the industry for a long while, they will learn a few hacks of exceptional managerial and administrative tasks. Researching some of the accolades and achievements will help you have an insight into how qualified they are.


  • Good reviews


When choosing a strata manager, you need to consider what other people or former employers say about them. The best way to understand this is by contacting some of their referees. They should outline a good number of referees in their application process. After talking with the referees, you will know if you are making a sound decision on the selection. The review of the company also says a lot about its reputation in the industry. Their reputation describes how favoured their services are amongst several clients in the market. A good reputation indicates that they deliver high-quality services and has excellent client service and interaction.


Additionally, go a step further and analyse their records to confirm they are consistent with the quality of services they deliver. The rating of the strata manager is a clear depiction of the quality of services offered. A five-star rating with positive reviews is also an indication that they may deliver the right services that you are looking for.





The suitable strata manager in Brisbane will help run your property efficiently. This is from proper managerial and administrative tasks, timely response to issues raised and up to date with relevant laws and regulations surround the strata scheme.

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