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Remedies For Beating the Winter Flu 

As winter comes in, so does the start of flu season. It is easy to become unwell and suffer from cold and flu-like symptoms while others are ready for the winter holidays. Suffering from the cold and flu is never a merry way to enter into the holiday season. Read on for five remedies for beating the flu season.


1. Healthier Lifestyle Choices

Making healthier and better lifestyle choices is key to improving your immune system and beating the flu. One way to kickstart making healthy choices is to switch out regular tobacco for smokeless tobacco. The fact this is smoke-free means your risk of irritating your lungs from inhaling smoke.

This is an easy first step to making healthier lifestyle choices and really keeping that immune system strong to avoid all the nasty germs from the cold and flu season.

2. Exercise

Partaking in regular exercise can help fight off nasty infections. It’s an easy lifestyle switch to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Consider walking to work or parking further away and walking from there. There’s always the option to join a fitness class, such as tennis or yoga. This is a great way to socialize and get fit at the same time!

Try adding a bit of exercise to your daily routine to ensure you escape the cold and flu when it comes around.

3. Sleep

Sleep’s a significant factor in boosting the immune system and fighting off the cold and flu. Making sure you get a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It’s essential to maintain good sleep hygiene by having the correct temperature at night, so it’s easier to fall asleep quickly and easily. Another easy way to make sure your bed’s cozy and comfortable is to invest in a weighted blanket. Always remember that it’s a good idea to turn off all electronics at least half an hour before you go to sleep to make sure you’re ready to fall straight asleep.

4. Diet

A healthy diet’s super important to make sure you stay fit and healthy. If you’re struggling to fit in your five a day, try making smoothies for breakfast or having fruit as snacks instead of a to-go bar. If you’re making fajitas, toss in some extra fruit and vegetables or even make homemade fries with carrots and sweet potatoes instead of frozen.

You really are what you eat, so make sure you’re fueling your body with the best nutrients to fight off any nasty infections. A final remedy for diet is a spoonful of local honey to fight off any cold you feel coming on.

5. Staying Warm

Don’t let the winter chills get to you – make sure you wrap up and stay warm this winter. Your immune system weakens when it’s cold weather. Consider layering up on sweaters and cardigans, adding a scarf and a hat for extra warmth. You can even consider investing in pocket warmers to keep your hands warm in your pockets.

Make sure you drink lots of hot beverages throughout the day, too – even pop some honey in your tea to combine two of our remedies in one!

Flu Fighting Remedies

Try out our remedies to make sure you stay fit and healthy this wintertime. Make sure you look after yourself, stay cozy, and enjoy some fresh air while staying warm and eating all the good nutrients and healthy snacks that you can. With our remedies, it really is possible to skip flu season and just head straight to winter cheer.

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