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Reasons Germany Is Known as the Car Country

Germany, the seventh-largest country in Europe makes the world’s most comfortable, reliable, and safe vehicles. German cars have always been on top for groundbreaking designs and their performance.

From Volkswagen to Porsche, sports cars to caravans. Germany has not only produced some of the most popular and iconic vehicles, but many of the classics remain cherished by car lovers. With the growth of the car firms and with Kfzteile24 gutscheinecode coupons it’s easy to maintain by buying or replacing any car parts online at discounted pocket-friendly prices.

The excellence in their engineering can be felt when you compare German car performance with non-German equivalent cars. Let’s take a look at why Germany is known as the car country by the world.


1.      You can get premium quality auto parts

With high-performance cars, it’s not easy to get their spare parts easily all over the world but there are more than 1000 suppliers that provide spare parts in Germany. One of the best in the business is provided by Kfzteile24 and fortunately we have a coupon code that will provide you up to 15% Off Kfzteile24 gutscheincode.




2.     Years of experience

 The Germans have been engineering cars longer than anyone else. Karl Benz made one of the world’s first engines in 1879. Their cars are built by masters of engineering that tend to have such crafting and precise manufacturing.

The world is just beginning to catch up with the technology Germans have been working on.

Some of the top car companies in the world are built by Germans, which represents luxury and quality. The Germans are self-assured to tell us what they are about, like BMW says “The ultimate driving machine” and Mercedes “The best or nothing.”


3.      Auto Shows

  • International Motor Show – The international motor show in German is also known as Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung which is the world’s biggest auto show.

It is held annually, with motorcycles, bikes and passenger vehicles, in odd-numbered years and commercial vehicles in even-numbered years. The first international motor show was held in Berlin in 1897.

  • Automechanika – Automechanika is the world’s biggest trade fair for the automobile market held after every two years at the Messe Frankfurt.
  • Messe Düsseldorf – The Messe Düsseldorf is a trade fair is held in Düsseldorf and was founded in 1947
  • ITB Berlin – The ITB Berlin is the world’s largest tourism trade fair. the company at the fair represents car rental companies, airlines, tour operators and hotels.


4.     The Autobahn

German cars needed to be stable and well balanced in order to work flawlessly at high speed. . Therefore the Germans made their cars robust and durable for the Autobahn.

Which allows its user to use the max horsepower and the reason they need to run smoothly at such top speeds.




5.      Car Museums in Germany

  • BMW Museum – BMW Museum is located near Olympia Park in Munich, Germany. It is a museum showing BMW’s history. The museum was built in 1973,
  • Classic Remise Düsseldorf- It is located in Düsseldorf and opened its door in 2006, We can find cars and motorcycle workshops, retail shops, and showrooms that have classic cars for sale.
  • Automuseum Dr Carl Benz – It is located in Ladenburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, and was built in 1984. The Museum has a fantastic collection of the earliest cars and motorbikes from 1880 to racing cars made by Benz.
  • Merks Motor Museum – It is located in Nürnberg and was built in 2010. Merks Motor Museum has a collection of private classic cars.
  • Mercedes-Benz Museum – Mercedes Benz Museum is located right next to the Mercedes Benz manufacturing plant in Stuttgart and was built in 2006. The Mercedes Showroom is home to above 1500 car items and 600+ cars.
  • Porsche Museum – Porsche Museum is located in Stuttgart and was opened in 2009, this museum displays a collection of over 100 cars.
  • Audi Museum Mobile – Audi museum is located in Ingolstadt and was opened in 2009, other than the museum, the place hosts a luxurious center and the Audi forum. The museum shows the history of Audi cars.
  • Volkswagen Museum – Volkswagen Museum is located in Wolfsburg and was opened in 1985, one of the most incredible car museums in Germany. This museum has around 130 cars on permanent display, from the very first Volkswagen Beetle to the latest concept car.


6.     Marketing

The Volkswagen group is one of the three biggest automobile companies in the world and is considered as one of the most reliable brands on the global market.

Even during the two world wars against the Germans, Volkswagen helped fuel their war machine, Volkswagen was able to persuade Americans, only a few decades later that they were the peace company of the Volkswagen bus and love Bug.
German automobile industry made 415 billion USD in total sales, which was only slightly crashed because of the effects of the Corona virus globally. Another 2.65 million cars were exported to China, in that same period.

In Germany, export trade has a total estimated worth of 201 billion USD as of recently. That means that German cars, which are creatively manufactured and just as quickly innovated, are in high demand across the world. As one Zurich newspaper put it, “cars are as central to Germany as secret bank accounts are to Switzerland.”


VW Van


So, if you’re wondering why Germany is seen as the king of cars, from the very beginning, they’ve been producing excellence and innovating the cars of the future.

Germany has one of the premium standards to get your cars from. The car country has a strong history of their automobile innovation therefore it has high-quality auto parts to offer, these can be used for your German cars and others as well.

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