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The top sports betting strategies in the US

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When the Supreme Court knocked down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, they ushered in an exciting new era for sports betting in the United States. It didn’t automatically legalize sports betting, but it made it possible for each state to set its own laws on the subject.


At the time that PASPA was put into place in 1992, online betting wasn’t even a possibility. People placed bets in person at racetracks or land-based casinos, visited bookies or placed bets over the phone. In fact, telephone betting was a huge share of the market.


The popularity of telephone betting in the 1970s-80s gives us some of idea of how online betting has become the country’s favorite way to bet — in states where it is permitted of course. We’ve always enjoyed the convenience and flexibility of being able to bet from home or the office.


Now that online bookmakers also offer promotions and bonuses, alongside sportsbook guides containing the latest odds and statistics, it is hard to imagine why anyone would turn these advantages down if they were looking to place a wager. As much fun as the racetrack and casino cultures might be, being able to place bets with a no deposit bonus makes up for missing out on the in-person experience.


Even though betting was legal in the US prior to PASPA, for younger people, this is the first opportunity to try sports betting. The move to online betting and separation from organized crime has also helped to make people who were uncomfortable with betting in the 70s and 80s more willing to give it a try.


That all means that if you’re new to sports betting and considering giving it a go for the first time, you’re in good company. With all the numbers and jargon, it can be a lot to take in when you first start betting – even after you’ve learned to read the odds, it still feels like there’s so much more to learn.


This short guide is going to provide you with some direction in that regard. We’re going to assume you’ve got a good understanding of the basics and instead focus on strategies. Here are the top sports betting strategies in the US.


Hedge your bets


Hedging your bets isn’t just an expression, it’s a betting strategy that has been used for decades if not centuries. Hedging your bets is a protective strategy that means sacrificing a big possible win for a guaranteed payout. Even if you don’t win much, at least you don’t just lose.


Hedging your bets works best with futures betting, so bets on the outcome of a tournament or any long-range event. Since odds change over the course of the season, sometimes this is a great way to save yourself from a major loss.


It might be counterintuitive, but essentially you have to bet against yourself when you hedge your bets. If you’ve put money on a longshot to win, also putting money on the favorite means that no matter what the outcome is you’ve recouped some of your investment.


Take the USL season opener as an example. You’ve placed your bet on the Mississippi Brilla to win, but as it gets close to kick off, you start to feel like the Little Rock Rangers are fiercer competition than you thought. You can hedge your bet by also betting on the Rangers to win.


Bet against the public


This strategy is also known as ‘fading the public’ or ‘betting against the public underdog’. This strategy is based on the fact that even though research has shown that people love an underdog, they still usually bet on the favorite to win.


This strategy is a bit more complex than just always betting against the favorite. Odds makers want money to come in on both sides of a bet, so they will shift the line to make an underdog more appealing and bring more money in. Being able to tell when the line has shifted for cause is the key.


If you can identify when the line has shifted because a team is being hyped rather than because they have a legitimately stronger chance of winning, betting against the public is a great strategy. It is not for beginners unless you have a thorough knowledge of all the teams playing.


Stick to prop bets


This strategy has less to do with how you bet and more to do with what you bet on. Prop bets are bets on things that could happen during a game instead of on the outcome of a game.


They can range from the practical such as that a certain player will score, to the downright silly such as things like if there will be a streaker or if a fan will get hit by a stray ball – these bets are fun because they are so customizable and often a little goofy.


The reason that sticking to prop bets is a good strategy is because it keeps it from getting too serious. If you worry that you might become overly competitive or tempted to bet more than you should on big games, prop betting is a good way to rein yourself in. It’s the fun of betting with less mental pressure.


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