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7 Tours You Need to Take On Your Gap Year

A gap year is a perfect chance to explore the world, acquire new skills, and simply try something new. Maybe you already have a destination on your mind. Or perhaps you are in doubt. In this case, dive in to learn about amazing places to go in your gap year. 


Choosing the Destination

There are several ways to approach it. Some prefer to go on a specific program; others like to travel on their own. There are opportunities to work, volunteer, explore, or learn. To settle on the country, consider several factors: 


  • available options and activities you can participate in; 
  • job prospects; 
  • affordability and budget; 
  • transportation; 
  • visa, work permits, and paperwork you might need; 
  • climate and infrastructure. 


The choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. As soon as you are done with your studies, it is time to pack things. 

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And if you’ve already taken care of your assignments, consider the following countries as gap year destinations. 

Best Places to Go on a Gap Year

New Zealand

It is famous for breathtaking nature and one-of-a-kind landscapes. No wonder Lord of the Rings was filmed here. But it is not the only benefit of heading to this country. New Zealand has to offer something for almost anyone. There are plenty of outdoor activities and employment opportunities. One can wander around mountains or coastline beaches. Or explore vibrant big city life. 


With a working holiday visa, you can learn new skills and earn some money. It is a safe country to backpack, live a van life, or settle in a city. Some of the programs are available for those willing to become ski or snowboarding instructors, hotel employees, or volunteers. 


Those who are dreaming of spending a year in Asia should consider Thailand. It is a beautiful country with amazing food, stunning nature, and affordable living. The climate here is quite nice for spending a lot of time on one of the amazing beaches. 


There are plenty of opportunities for English teachers or those interested in animal conservation or preservation work. 


You also get to explore the vibrant culture, visit temples, and experience eclectic Bangkok. Thailand has a great tourist infrastructure and lots of activities for travelers of any budget. If you get a freelancer visa, you can stay here for four years. 


This is another perfect destination with plenty of options to consider. If you want to work, apply for a working holiday visa. As for nature and exciting sights, Australia has almost anything you can think of. It is also known for its unique flora and fauna. 


One thing to keep in mind is that it is a bit more expensive than many other destinations. At the same time, here, you can visit astonishing big cities, see kangaroos, catch some waves, and try new foods. 


As for employment opportunities, it’s possible to work on a farm, at a surfing camp, or on a sailboat. There are also many marine life conservation projects to participate in. If you’re staying in a city, you can work at bars, hotels, or restaurants. 


Ireland is an ideal choice for those who want to visit Europe. It has wonderful landscapes with lots of greenery and exciting city life. Moreover, the country boasts a plethora of historical sites and castles. So, feel free to go on a hiking trip or get into bar crawling culture. 


It is a great place to deep dive into history and heritage or to walk around emerald green fields. As for employment, you can work in retreats, hotels, bars, or bed & breakfasts. Or you might try landscaping, business, photography, or even pharmacy. It depends on your education and prior experience. 

winding road

South Africa

It is one of the top destinations for those interested in volunteering. But it is not the only option. One of the biggest attractions of this country is wildlife. Here, you can see elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, and many other animals. 


So, if you are interested in wild animal conservation programs, it is the way to go. Other gap year programs include marine research, education, ecology, and farm work. 


The cost of living is quite affordable, and there are many places to see, like vineyards, national parks, beaches, lagoons, and eco-tourism establishments. 

Costa Rica

Are you up for some adventure? Then Costa Rica is waiting for you. It is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Here, you can visit unique forests, explore mountains, and enjoy the coastline. The fauna is also vibrant and versatile, from birds to fish. 


Reasonably, many gap year programs are focused on conservation, wildlife, and the environment. Keep in mind that 25% of Costa Rica is a protected territory. And it is also home to more than a hundred volcanoes. It is also known for affordable living, amazing food, and rich culture. 


India is a popular destination for a gap year. It is budget-friendly, diverse, and offers many opportunities. There are lots of cultures to explore, historical sites to visit, and new languages to learn. Engage in traveling, volunteering, or teaching. And try the food: it is spicy but extremely delicious.


Because of the affordability of living and transportation, you can work and travel around easily. It is an immersive experience in terms of culture, history, and architecture. 

In Summary 

Taking a gap year is a great option to travel the world, learn, work, or make a positive change. Consider one of these beautiful countries as your perfect destination. 


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