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Great 1-hour Tabletop Games To Play With Friends

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When was the last time you gathered around with your friends or family for game night? Whether it is due to a busy schedule or other responsibilities, it has been getting increasingly difficult to gather with loved ones for simple things like games.

This is why we have prepared a list of tabletop games for you that have simple rulesets and are really quick to play. All of these games below can be finished within the hour. Additionally, you can play them while chatting and socializing and board games can even be good for your mental wellness. Hilarity is sure to ensue while playing which always makes for a memorable night.


Have you ever wanted to play a game where you travel to a distant island and build a new life there? If yes, then Catan is for you. In Catan, you and your friends play as settlers on this mysterious island competing for control of its resources. You will be building a small kingdom for yourself, trading and expanding your domain along with the other players. The game was designed by Klaus Teuber and it is made for 3 to 4 players in the base game and up to 6 in the expansion.

Catan’s board is stylishly designed in a modular way where you can rearrange it in several different ways. This means that you will have a slightly different experience every time you play. It takes about one hour to complete during which you will build settlements, roads and collect the various resources. A robber entity is also present on the board which the players will have to avoid so as not to lose their precious materials. Do not forget to trade with your players as sometimes diplomacy is your best option.

King of Tokyo

Godzilla movie fans and other giant monster lovers rejoice! Richard Garfield and a team of talented visual artists bring us a game where we can actually be giant monsters. The game is quite simple. First, you pick your favorite between a massive mutant monster, giant death robot, strange creepy alien, etc. Then you start wreaking havoc around Tokyo while whacking your friends in order to become the king monster of Tokyo.

King of Tokyo features light-hearted monster designs, beautiful ability cards and chunky dice for you to play with. You unlock new abilities for your monster while you compete with the other players. Be the fiercest player and become the King of Tokyo.


Smallworld by Philippe Keyaerts and artists Miguel Coimbra and Cyrille Daujean is a fantasy-themed game inspired by classical strategy board games like Risk. Similarly to Catan, players are inhabiting a newly discovered island, but this time it is full of magic and mystery. With 2 to 5 players, each person chooses to control one of the 14 different fantasy race nations that are settling on this new island. The cast of characters is very humorous and light-hearted featuring choices like grumpy dwarves, fashionable elves, sneaky goblins, classy vampires, and many more.

When playing with your friends or family you will have to consider who to build alliances with and who is your greatest enemy. Smallworld encourages a lot of chaotic fun while you explore the mysterious island and compete for its control. Just make sure you have enough resources to maintain your nation or you will have to hire backup.


Gather around your friends and family for a thrilling and comedic storytelling experience. Dixit was designed by Jean-Louis Roubira and illustrated by Marie Cardouat in order to entertain up to 6 people during game night. The game has no board, it instead features 84 cards with unique artworks. Each player receives 6 of these cards at random and one of the players is determined to be the storyteller.

The storyteller thinks of a sentence that best represents the artwork on one of their cards of choice. They then say it out loud and place the chosen card facedown on the table. All players then decide which of their cards best represents that story and do the same. All cards are gathered and then players get to vote which card best represents the storyteller’s story. After some lollygagging the storyteller role moves to the next player and the hilarity can ensue again. Dixit is a great game which can be enjoyed by people of any age.

Old-school Card Games

At the end of the day, nothing beats an old-school game night where you and your friends play a game of poker or blackjack. Whether you prefer comparing cards against each other or against one player as a dealer, both of these games make for a fun Friday night.

You can even practice games like poker before the big night where you organize with your friends. For example, if you are newer to the game or have never played it before you can look into the possible card combinations you need to win. There are also plenty of video poker games online where you can brush up on your skills. Just make sure to gamble responsibly if there is real money involved.

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