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In Clinton, Milwaukee Tool Is Just The Latest Good News Story In A Certified Manufacturing Revival

Clinton has a well-established manufacturing industry, from the railroads of the 1800s through to the Delphi plant of the 70s. The downturn of the 2000s has now been pushed away with a new rise in manufacturing; the opening of the 700-job Milwaukee Tool plant, featured on the Clarion Ledger, is just the latest bit of evidence as to that phenomenal revival. The city is one of the most livable in the state and its position provides it with the perfect logistical links to the rest of the country’s industry – and that’s reflected in the confidence being shown by not just American businesses, but international, too.
Going Continental
One of the most exciting recent developments in the sector has been the establishment of the Continental plant out at the Continental Parkway. As highlights, this has already provided jobs since breaking ground four years ago, and promises to bring 2,500 jobs to the region by the end of development. Another key benefit of attracting this sort of business to the area is the innovation it brings. New plants use cutting-edge technology, both for use on the conveyor line and for the distribution of their products. Staff working in the plant can expect to get a great education in up-to-date tools for manufacturing, and that’s great for enriching Clinton and creating a highly-skilled, high-tech workforce of the future.
Spreading the innovation
The commitment to training great new talent in the manufacturing field is obvious in several measures being put forward by the city and area. The Magee News highlights one such award, ostensibly for use in Magee but also offered up across the Jackson metro area. Through issuing these $350,000 scholarships, the Mississippi Automotive Manufacturers Association (MAMA) have shown two things – one, the clout that recent increases in sales and interest have shown, and two, a forward commitment from the state in helping people to get on in life. This helps to build reputation within the industry, and also drives bright graduates into the field of manufacturing in the future.
Old industry, new tools
It is of vital importance that Clinton continues to rely on its manufacturing heritage, while pairing it with modern day tools. Most residents will remember the damage that was done locally by the WorldCom scandal, covered here by The Guardian; dot-com bubble scandals did a lot to damage the prestige of the city. Relying on old-fashioned manufacturing, which is a time-honored and profitable route for the city, and tying that together with real innovation and an international outlook, is driving Clinton forward.
Milwaukee Tool has just been the latest in a long line of success stories. Clinton is a proud story of modern American innovation tied together with old fashioned hard work. Elevating the city to greater heights again, manufacturing will continue to define and enhance the nature of Clinton – providing much needed impetus in tough economic times.

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