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How to Choose the Best Bookmaker in India?

Bookmakers – Who Are They?

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A bookmaking company is a group that engages in receiving cash bets on various upcoming events with various odds, which are determined by probabilities, as well as the payment of winnings. The main thing people bet cricket on is details of sports matches, like who will win a match or a series, etc. Many bookmakers also offer their clients to play online casinos, which usually have many different types of games, such as slots, live games, table games, etc.


In recent years the number of bookmakers has increased exponentially, which in turn means that gambling has become much more popular. As fans of sports decide to try challenging their knowledge and luck to win some money, they first of all have to find a reliable bookmaker that offers the best possible services. Despite the fact that online casinos are completely different from sports betting, the tips to choose the best one are the same.


In this article, we will walk you through all things that you have to pay attention to in order to find the best bookmaker in India.

Legality and Safety

Before you can even start checking out the services of a bookmaker that you have found, you have to make sure that it’s completely legal to make use of its services in India. To do that, you usually need to find an “about us” page on the bookmaker’s official website. There you can get some general information about it and also see if there is a License. There are many different licenses, but the important thing is for the bookmaker to have one. A bookmaker with, for example, a Curacao eGaming License can be considered legit and legally allowed to offer its services to Indian customers. 


If there is no mention of any license in sight, you can either forget about that bookmaker or search for reviews, because there is a chance that you failed to find a license despite it being present.


Another important aspect that comes right after legality is safety. Most bookmakers at some point in the process will ask you for your personal information and sometimes for proof of your identity. There is no reason to explain how dangerous it might be for you to share screens or photos of your documents with people who can’t protect them from being leaked. A lot of bookmakers with certain levels of fame know about such concerns and provide clients with information about how they protect all sensitive information. If a bookmaker uses modern cryptographic protocols — you are safe.


After making sure that you can actually use the bookmaker without constantly worrying about your safety and potential legal problems, it is time to see whether the bookmaker can satisfy your needs. If you are a fan of cricket or any other sport and want to bet on it, it’s only natural to desire the best possible conditions for that process.


A bookmaker that wants to have the right to brag about its sportsbook has to meet several criteria. First of all, the sportsbook has to cover at least dozen different sports like cricket, kabaddi, soccer, tennis, table tennis, etc. It’s should be mentioned that quantity should never be reached at the expense of quality. No matter how many sports bookmaker covers if the odds, betting markets, and the number of covered leagues and tournaments is low – this sportsbook is anything but great. Hence, the other criteria that the bookmaker has to meet to be able to compete for the title of the best are simple – a lot of matches from various championships, great odds, and an expansive amount of betting markets.


If you like to watch cybersport tournaments, a lot of famous bookmakers also provide their clients with an opportunity to use their knowledge and experience to make money by betting on their favorite game. Usually, an eSport section of the good bookmaker consists of all major games like Dota 2, CS:GO, League of Legends, Valarant, etc.


It’s also nice when bookmakers have live betting and handicaps available, as both of those options can make even a game with an obvious underdog much more interesting and exciting.

Online Casino

Even if you are deeply in love with sports betting, sometimes betting sessions can become tiring and exhausting. In this case, you, if you have chosen a great bookmaking company, would be able to relax by playing some slot games, etc. There is nothing hard when it comes to whether online casino is great or not. It can be called alright if it has all four major types of games, such as


  • Slot games;
  • Live games;
  • Table games;
  • Jackpots.


Live and table games are the most important aspects of the online casino, as without poker, baccarat, Teen Patti, and Andar Bahar it would be quite boring. It will also serve as an indication of the indifference of the bookmaker towards the preferences of their Indian customers.


If there are even instant and bingo games the online casino can be called pretty good. However, no matter how many types of games and how many games themselves there are, it doesn’t mean much if their quality is not up to standard.

Game Providers

To quickly determine how great the games at online casinos are, you can simply check their developer. There are many game providers that have earned the trust and respect of online gamblers, such as:


  • Evolution Gaming;
  • Pragmatic Gaming;
  • BGaming;
  • Play’n Go;
  • Red Tiger, etc.


As long as the game was created by a famous team of developers, you can be sure that they have put their honor on the line to create the game with the best possible graphics, animations, and special games or features. Many popular bookmakers even provide clients with the option of seeing all games of the particular developer that are in their online casino.


It is also worth mentioning that you should check the RTP rates of the slots if that’s possible. As long as Return to Player rate is 95%, the slot can be called good, and if RTP reaches 97-98% it is without a doubt a great game that can provide you with quite a bit of entertainment.

Mobile App

It’s impossible to put bookmakers with and without a proper mobile app in the same chart, as it’s simply incomparably convenient to use all services from anywhere you want. There are 2 things that you can use to determine the level of the bookmaker from their app without even downloading the app itself.


The first thing is availability. There are two major operating systems – Android and iOs, therefore the official app of the bookmaker must be available for people of both of those OS. If the bookmaker can’t afford to create an app for iOs or Android devices, then it’s very unclear whether their existing app can be of the greatest level.


The second aspect is the features of the app. It’s very important for the app to have all the main features and services of the desktop version of the website. It would be even better if there are improvements in overall productivity. To find about about that without downloading an app, you can either search for the “mobile app” page on the website of the bookmaker or look up some reviews on the Internet.

Welcoming Bonuses

Great bookmaking companies know that to make new clients they need to offer big and exciting bonuses. They can come in various forms such as “first deposit” bonuses, free spins, free bets, cash back on specific slot games and bets, etc. The important thing here is that a great bookmaker has to be able to have bonuses ready for every type of client. 


For example, if you like to bet on sports, a good bookmaker will give you some free bets when you deposit some Rupees, but a great one will also offer you a cash-back option, so when you lose your bet, you can at least recover some funds. Of course, there are as many opinions about which is better free bet or lost bet cash-back as there are people.


When it comes to bonuses for online casinos, they are also pretty similar. Some casinos, however, give deposit bonuses even after the first one. It usually works like this: your first deposit can give you, for example, +150% of the money, the second one +100%, and the third one only +50. There are limits to those welcome bonuses, of course, but it’s still nice to get a gift. Apart from deposit bonuses, some online casinos can also offer you free spins and cash-back on certain slots.

Customer Support

No matter how great are the website and mobile app of the bookmaker, it is still not perfect, as it is impossible to prevent all possible issues from appearing. Hence, to make the experience of the clients, bookmakers must have a proper Customer Support Team that is always ready to help resolve the problem.


Bookmakers that care a lot about their clients have several ways for you to contact their Customer Support Team. There should be a live chat option available on the website and mobile app. If it works 24/7 then that’s a good sign. There also must be an email address and links to all official social media accounts of the bookmaker on their website/mobile app, as customers sometimes prefer to use those methods to get in touch with Customer Support. 


To check how professional the Customer Support Team of the bookmaker you want to start betting with is, simply send them a message asking about how to do something. If you receive a quick, polite, and informative answer – you are good to go.

Responsible Gaming

There is nothing more dangerous than losing yourself in gambling. Sometimes it is simply impossible to stop yourself from making rush decisions. That’s when Responsible Gaming options can save the day. 


It’s very important for a bookmaker you are planning to play online casino in to have a Responsible Gaming section and features. To find the section you will usually need to scroll down to the bottom of the official website’s home page and look for the “Responsible Gaming” link. The more different limits can be set, the better, because this in turn shows that the bookmaker is trying to reduce the risk that comes with betting on sports and gambling at online casinos.


There are several things that a Responsible Gaming section has to have, such as:


  • Information about the symptoms of gambling addiction;
  • Links to the anonymous websites where you can receive professional help;
  • Different types of limits, like depositing a maximum of x in a day, week, or month;
  • An option of an indefinite freeze of the account is to take a rest from gambling.


Who are the best bookmakers that welcome Indian clients?

There is no way to give an impartial answer to such a question, however, you should definitely check 22Bet, 1xBet, Megapari, Mostbet, and Purewin. Every single one of those bookmakers can be called the best for a couple of reasons, but you should always check to see whether they are the right choice for you.

Is there any age restriction on playing online casinos in India?

To prevent people from making bad decisions at a young age, it’s common law to allow only people older than at least 18 to play online casinos and bet on sports. Keep in mind that even though there is no way to check the age of the client during registration, a lot of bookmakers follow the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy which states that customers have to provide bookmakers with proof of identity to withdraw their winnings.

Is online gambling and sports betting legal in India?

There are no laws that ban bookmakers with international licenses to offer their services to Indian customers. There is also no law that prohibits you to play or bet if you are of legal age.

Can I earn real money playing in online casinos?

Yes, you can. You will have to play with real money and put your luck to the test. In other words, there is always a chance that you will lose everything, but the chance to win a massive jackpot is also completely real.

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