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Can You Use Amanita Muscaria to Help Relieve Pain and Anxiety?

Can You Use Amanita Muscaria to Help Relieve Pain and Anxiety?

The Amanita muscaria mushroom, sometimes called the fly agaric, has long been shrouded in cultural and historical mystery. It has historically been utilized in certain cultures for various purposes, such as shamanic and spiritual rites. Yet, knowledge of its potential medical effects has only become ‘mainstream’ in recent years. 

One topic of inquiry is whether you can use amanita mushrooms to ease anxiety and discomfort. This article tries to provide a well-informed viewpoint on this fascinating subject.

Understanding Amanita Muscaria

Ibotenic acid, muscimol, and muscarine are among the most important chemicals found in Amanita muscaria. Initially, scientists thought that muscarine was responsible for most of the mushroom’s effects. While the chemical is found in amanita, it isn’t available in sufficient quantities to have major effects.

Muscimol and ibotenic acid are the most relevant active ingredients in amanita. The latter is associated with stimulating effects, while the former is better known for helping you relax. 

Fly agaric is among the most misunderstood mushrooms. Unlike ‘magic’ mushrooms such as Golden Teacher, Amanita muscaria is NOT psychedelic. This is because it doesn’t contain psilocybin, which is associated with hallucinogenic effects. 

Yet, this doesn’t mean that using amanita is 100% safe. A great deal of research is needed before we know enough about this mushroom to understand its benefits and risks. 

Certainly, this was the conclusion of a recent study published in Toxics. Researchers found that users may experience adverse effects such as nausea, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

So, if amanita can potentially cause unpleasant side effects, why use it in the first place? It turns out that this mushroom, while not “magic,” can have some fantastic benefits. 

Examining Pain Relief Potential

Amanita’s possible pain-relieving abilities haven’t been thoroughly investigated in scientific studies. Much of the material is based on anecdotal tales. Yet, a growing number of users claim that using Amanita muscaria in modest amounts might help with pain relief. 

Certainly, the fact it has been used medicinally for centuries in various parts of the world should hold some weight. It is known that people in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia consumed fly agaric hundreds of years ago due to its apparent analgesic qualities. 

The paucity of alternatives to addictive opioid painkillers is concerning. Matters aren’t helped by pharmaceutical companies doing everything they can to preserve their foothold.

For instance, Amanita muscaria was mislabeled as poisonous and overlooked for a long time. It is only now that research has begun in earnest. It is a necessary development given the mushroom’s increasing popularity. 

Analyzing the Potential for Anxiety Relief

The capacity of Amanita muscaria to reduce anxiety is, once again, not backed by a great deal of scientific literature. However, a huge catalog of anecdotal accounts states that the mushroom may ease anxiety and promote relaxation.

Of course, with such little detailed research into the mushroom, even determining the right dose is exceedingly tricky. If you buy Amanita muscaria gummies , confusion will likely reign.

Perhaps you will see a product with 500mg of amanita extract per gummy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t give you a complete picture. The effects of the mushroom depend on the quantity of muscimol and ibotenic acid.

This is important because they have very different effects. With muscimol, you’re likely to feel calm and relaxed. With ibotenic acid, you might feel a burst of energy. So, if the amanita gummies you have contain a high percentage of ibotenic acid, it is probably best not to use them before bedtime.

Unfortunately, unless you look at detailed third-party lab reports, which few brands provide, you won’t know the likely effects until you try the product. This is not an ideal scenario!

Therefore, you should only buy amanita from a respected brand with many years in the industry. 

Amanita Muscaria Could Prove a Useful Method of Managing Anxiety and Stress Symptoms

Amanita has a long history of cultural and spiritual usage. However, it is still unknown if it can effectively manage the symptoms of pain and anxiety. Until detailed scientific research becomes available, we remain in the dark.

Yet, countless people claim that amanita gummies work better for their pain and anxiety than many other supplements on the market. When buying fly agaric online, carefully research the brand and check customer reviews. Doing so gives you the best chance of finding a worthwhile product.


Attention: The Fly Agaric mushroom is reported to cause severe illness when ingested. If you are inexperienced, please refrain from foraging wild mushrooms as ingestion could cause serious harm.


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