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Is Ethereum getting closer to flipping Bitcoin? Here are some predictions

Ethereum and Bitcoin have long been standing out as two of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, with some arguing that the two are competitors. Given their long-lasting reputation as two of the best digital assets, investors are particularly interested in how things will unfold for Ethereum and Bitcoin. More specifically, one question runs through their minds: Will ETH ever outpace BTC by market cap? The short answer is yes, such a scenario could come true. However, we know well that nothing is guaranteed in the crypto space, and the outcome depends on many factors, from the success of Ethereum’s upgrades to its wider adoption and the overall performance of the market.

According to binance data, Ethereum now has a market cap of $ 303.88B USD, while Bitcoin’s market cap is $ 837.50B USD – a notable difference. Of course, these numbers are not set in stone, and there was once a time when Ethereum’s market dominance was very close to Bitcoin’s (namely, 36.9% compared to 44.4%). Although the Flippening didn’t occur back then, a lot has changed throughout the time, which could result in a new outcome in a few years.

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What is the Flippening, anyway?

The Flippening refers to a flip in the crypto leader, Bitcoin – specifically, it’s about Ethereum potentially overtaking it in terms of market cap. If Ether’s price grows at a faster pace than Bitcoin, that would lead to the Flippening. Historically, Bitcoin has maintained its position as the leading crypto since it was first launched in 2009, having the highest market cap among all digital assets. However, things have changed as the blockchain ecosystem evolved, and other digital assets raised investors’ interest due to the unique functions they provided. For instance, Ethereum introduced the innovative smart contracts, a feature that Bitcoin didn’t have- and it was its widened utility that sparked the conversation around the Flippening.

The Flippening is a significant concept because it would represent a major milestone in the crypto industry. Bitcoin has been the most widely used crypto throughout the years, and its first-mover advantage was due to its lead in market cap. However, the scenario where Ethereum outpaces Bitcoin would lead to a shift in investor and user sentiment. This would create ripple effects, and businesses, users and developers would interact differently with the blockchain. Moreover, it would also impact regulatory perspectives and promote the adoption of new frameworks that are more relevant to the dominant asset.

Bitcoin gives signs of growing, but so does Ethereum

There have been numerous predictions about Bitcoin reaching new heights in 2024, and most of them are a result of the enthusiasm around Bitcoin ETFs as well as the next Halving event. Considering historical patterns, Bitcoin halvings have been a bull market catalyst due to a lower inflation rate and higher demand. If the same pattern repeats, that would translate into growth opportunities for Bitcoin. However, other factors can impact the asset’s price, such as its continuous innovative nature and technologies that could enhance its utility and attract more investors to the space. Bitcoin’s layer-2 solutions are a great example to this end, enabling faster and cheaper transactions. Overall, there is a lot of room for growth when it comes to Bitcoin, and it’s not impossible for the asset to break its record price of $69,000 and even surpass it.

However, Ethereum also has an ambitious roadmap for the future, and according to some forecasts, the asset could potentially outperform the crypto king. That’s due to its smart contract functionality but also its ongoing upgrades to Ethereum 2.0, which could enhance its appeal to investors and developers alike. One of the reasons why some analysts predict a scenario where Ethereum outpaces Bitcoin is DeFi dominance. Ethereum has experienced a faster growth rate than Bitcoin and has more applications, giving it a strong advantage.


While Ethereum could outpace Bitcoin in the following years, the future remains uncertain

Ethereum supporters believe that the asset is destined to flip Bitcoin – it’s just a matter of time when it will happen. What’s more, the digital asset could surpass a market cap of $20 trillion by 2032, meaning that each ETH would be valued at over $166,000. Ethereum has a multifaceted role in the ever-growing digital economy – it’s not just a cryptocurrency but a foundational platform for a decentralized ecosystem, and that’s where most of its potential comes from. However, despite Ethereum’s great functionality, some still argue that it is unlikely for it to ever flip Bitcoin.

As much as we’d like to give a definite answer, it’s worth noting that significant volatility is present in the crypto market, and the outcomes will always be unknown. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Price fluctuations can be opportunities for growth if investors know how to approach the crypto market during challenging times and develop resilience. To do so, they must begin by identifying common triggers for anxiety, which can range from market volatility and inflation rates to more personal factors like risk tolerance and financial goals.

To remain composed in the face of challenge and volatility, investors must learn to detach themselves from the dramatic market swings and stick to their investment strategy. In other words, they need to prevent reactive decision-making and, instead, adopt a long-term investment perspective. Different techniques help develop emotional resilience, such as mindfulness and learning how to set boundaries between your activities related to investing and your personal life. And, of course, investors should always remember the golden rule of investing in crypto: portfolio diversification. This helps mitigate risk while stabilizing your emotional state, as you don’t associate the success of your portfolio with a single investment’s performance.

The bottom line

Going back to the initial question, many factors point towards a potential Flipenning event in the next few years. Ethereum’s performance has been impressive, and the project has set itself on a path towards further development, so the scenario where it surpasses Bitcoin isn’t out of the question. However, it only remains to be seen if that happens or not. Investors should keep up-to-date with the latest news in the market and always have a well-crafted strategy that will help them make the most of their investments.

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