3 NEW LAWS go into effect July 1!

It’s expected to be a normal July 4 holiday weekend.

Many people will be behind the wheel but before you head outdoors, you may want to be aware of a new law that will go into effect July 1.

That new law not only affects those behind the wheel but also rear passengers.

“Are you in the clique? We are in the clique,” actors said in the new road campaign, urging passengers to be in the clique.

It’s a campaign to avoid being pulled over, and now, to avoid breaking the law.

“If you’re in a vehicle and don’t have on a seatbelt and you’re not restrained, the driver can be cited for his passengers not wearing a seatbelt,” Mississippi Highway Patrol Master Seargant Criss Turnipseed said.

That’s not the only law going into effect.

The state is also outlawing people riding in the back of pickup trucks.

“Technically it’s not something we liked anyway,” Turnipseed said. “It’s a dangerous place a lot of people falling and getting thrown out.”

The last law is a new left lane law.

If you’re traveling in the left lane you must be either passing another vehicle or making a left lane turn.

“That’s a dangerous thing to be riding in that left lane. Especially if you have someone in the right lane then you block traffic,” Turnipseed added.

If you fail to follow the state’s law then you’re looking at a $25 fine.

The highway patrol says the whole point of the new laws are to lower those numbers of roadway fatilities.

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