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Kara's Sights & Bites

Kara’s Sights & Bites: Shop local; bake and create in your kitchen

By Kara Kimbrough     It’s time for my annual “Please stop sending all your hard-earned money to large out-of-state conglomerates with no interest in Mississippi” plea. On a more postive note, I’m also asking you to at least consider baking some of your Christmas gifts.     But first, the shopping dilemna. I don’t consider shopping at…

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Kara’s Sights & Bites: Fall food needs to be fast…and fun

By Kara Kimbrough         Using the first letter of the all-too-brief season, fall is filled with festivals, football, family time and fun activities in the span between six months of searing heat and the cold, rainy weather that accompanies winter. Finding time for preparing food can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be a…

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Kara’s Sights & Bites: Appetizers for dinner? Why not?

By Kara Kimbrough    It’s the small things for me that trigger new ideas. Seeing “steak bites” on the appetizers’ menu of a restaurant I visited last week caused me to order the entrée-sized version for lunch. As expected, it cost more due to being accompanied by a salad and side dish. I wasn’t overly…

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