Building renovation adds classrooms at Eastside

Eastside students will have more room this spring, thanks to a building addition adding four new classrooms.

“The new classrooms will be on the green hall,” said Clinton Public School District Facilities Director James “Bo” Barksdale. “They will mirror existing classrooms, and be the same size and have the same technology.”

CPSD is working with contractor England Enterprises on the project. Its expected completion date is in December.

Classrooms accommodate about 25 students each, so the new addition will hold approximately 100 students.

“Because of the increased enrollment and programs, we have run out of places to have instruction,” said Eastside Principal Cindy Hamil. “The district has placed portable classrooms on the back side of our campus in the past, but found this year it would be cost effective to build the four new classrooms on the end of one of the fifth grade hallways.”

Eastside currently has four classes in trailers and hopes to move them into the main building once construction is complete, she said.


Summer projects

Over the summer, CPSD facilities crews have completed more than 300 work orders, including electrical upgrades, plumbing, painting and even remodeling a few classrooms. This number does not include preventive maintenance work orders.

“Preventive maintenance includes the things that nobody sees, but if they’re not done they can cause a lot more problems,” Barksdale said.

Significant projects this summer include the construction of a batting cage at the CHS softball field, also with England Enterprises as the contractor.

“It will be just like the batting cage for the baseball team,” Barksdale said.

At Clinton Junior High, significant work was done in the auditorium, including new stage lighting, sound system, the stage wood floor and work in the front foyer area.

“We removed the old asbestos tile and replaced it,” Barksdale said.

Future work at the CJHS Auditorium could include replacing the seating and flooring and adding a new curtain.

At Clinton Park Elementary, visitors will notice a newly cleaned and repainted entrance.

“It looks better now than when it did when it first opened,” he said.

The exterior at Sumner Hill also got a facelift.

“We pressure washed the front of the building and the canopy,” he said.

At Lovett, there is a new portable building that holds two classrooms.

“Along with the portable, we added concrete sidewalks, canopies, an entrance ramp and all the fire and safety required items to include a fire sprinkler system,” Barksdale said.

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