Sumner Hill Reality Fair gives students glimpse of the real world

Sumner Hill Junior High is taking classroom lessons to a real world exercise.

At the annual Reality Fair, Feb. 5-8 in the school gym, ninth-grade students will be assigned a mock salary based on their grade point average, and purchase life basics (housing, utilities, transportation, groceries, etc.) within their budget.

“Our students will learn the connection between high school performance, career potential and lifestyle expectations,” said Heather Norton, counselor.

Students will be assigned one of three average monthly salaries according to their current grade point average. The salaries are consistent with a non-high school graduate, high school graduate and college graduate with a bachelor’s degree or technical certification.

“Our classes will go over checkbook management and budgeting prior to the Reality Fair,” Norton said. “Students will participate in a 35-minute rotation of seven centers which represent different facets of real life.”

Students will spend their monthly money amount according to their GPA. They will choose an option at each booth that fits their lifestyle and hopefully is within their budget.

“They will write a check at each booth and be required to maintain a checkbook ledger,” Norton said.

Partnering businesses include C-Spire, David Stephens Century 21, Entergy, Cannon Nissan of Jackson, Kroger, MS Tobacco Free Coalition, the Mississippi Insurance Department, BankPlus, and Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency.

For more information about the Sumner Hill Reality Fair, to volunteer or to host a business booth, call 601-924-5510 or e-mail Norton at

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