Spiritual Locations only a Short Drive from Clinton

Did You Know These Spiritual Locations Are Just a Short Drive from Clinton?

Within a four-hour drive of Clinton, there are dozens of spiritual locations from more modern historic churches to sites that predate recorded history. Whether you are looking for spiritual enlightenment or just want to know more about what makes our state great, there are plenty of reasons to take a road trip. Here are some spiritual locations within a short drive of Clinton that are worth checking out.

Travel Back Thousands of Years

There are plenty of clues scattered throughout Mississippi showing what life was like in the state more than 2,000 years ago. These include the Native American mounds. Platform mounds were used throughout North America’s Eastern Woodlands as a central aspect of Native Americans’ overarching religious beliefs and practices.

In the Mississippi Hills National Heritage Site, about three hours to our northeast, there are the Pharr Mounds and the Ingomar Mounds, a fourteen-mound complex across 70 acres. Closer to home is the Holly Bluff Site (one-hour northwest of Clinton), which was populated between 800-1500 during the Plaquemine Mississippian period. Here, there are more than two dozen mounds.

Take Your Family on a Retreat

Two hours south of Clinton in Sandy Hook, MS is the White Horse Christian Retreat Camp. In addition to offering winter, summer, and sports camps for kids, they provide group retreats for the whole family. Closer to home is Camp Windhover in Crystal Springs, which is geared toward helping young adults, teens, boys, and girls grow inside and out, create memories, make friends, and have fun. Also, in nearby Utica, Jacobs Camp was founded to serve Jewish children throughout the Deep South. Though summer is their busiest time, they have events throughout the year.

View Beautiful Architecture

HuffPost recently named St. Joseph’s Church in Port Gibson (an hour to our southwest) the “most spiritual place” in Mississippi. Due to it being the final resting place of inventor Rezin Pleasant Bowie, this church is also commonly referred to as “Bowie Church” and is a fantastic setting to fully explore your spirituality. Its extraordinary blue cobalt window panels are what make it famous. The Gothic Revival style of architecture was popular when St. Joseph’s Church was built in 1849. Today, it is celebrated as one of the oldest surviving Catholic churches in the state. Services are still held in this beautiful setting.

If you are looking to refresh your soul and find a new outlook on life, there are plenty of places to visit in our own backyard.

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