Unemployment Rates Fall in Mississippi

Unemployment Rates Fall in Mississippi

The latest Mississippi unemployment figures have been published, and there’s good news. The rate of unemployment has dropped by almost 5%. The jobs market is becoming even more competitive, but for Clinton this is good. Businesses are expanding and thriving. Farm Fresh on Keener Road have only this month announced a new expansion, creating 36 new jobs, and they’re not the only company taking advantage of the upturn in the Mississippi economy. If you’re looking for work, there are some great opportunities in the area. So what should you do in order to help your chances of landing that dream job?

Be prepared with your resume

A good resume needs to be concise and have all of the relevant information on it. It is really worthwhile tailoring your resume to the post that you are applying for. Make sure that you include life skills, as well as academic qualifications. Don’t forget that employers may get a hundred resumes to look through for one post, so make sure that your resume is visually striking. It is always a good idea to hand over your resume in person, so that you make an impression. Job fairs are often a good time to do this. Posting your resume on Clinton Community’s Hometown Employment Network can also help match you up with the perfect employer.

Dress to impress

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Before you go for an interview, check out the dress code of the company that you are meeting with. They may require employees to dress in suit and tie everyday, or may prefer employees to dress in a business casual style. Even this doesn’t mean that you can afford to be scruffy. Have some clothes ready, in case you get asked for interview at short notice. Dress for the role that you are aspiring to get.

Prepare for interview questions

Thoroughly research the company you want to work for before interview and make yourself familiar with their ethos and business philosophy. The most common interview questions include describing your strengths and weaknesses, and explaining why you are interested in the job. Prepare answers to these questions before you go. You should also be ready to discuss the information that you provided on your resume.

The fall in Mississippi unemployment rates is helping the economy to thrive in the area. The City of Clinton is a place of employment opportunities.

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