AS 911 EDUCATION MONTH                                                                         


The Hinds County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution on Monday, April 02, 2018,  at the Board of Supervisors meeting to designate the month of April as 911 Education Month.  The Hinds County Board of Supervisors encouraged citizens to use 911 properly by following this advice:  

  • Answer the 911 operator’s questions.  The 911 operator will ask you for your name, location and verify your phone number.  The operator might also ask you to describe victims, suspects, the name of the building and the floor or room where responders are needed.
  • Let the 911 operator guide the conversation. While the information gathering may seem slow, the operator is sending help even as you are talking with him/her. Follow the operator’s instructions. In medical emergencies, the American Medical Response (AMR) operator will coach you through first aid for the patient.
  • If it’s safe, stay on the phone until the operator ends the conversation.  
  • If you call 911 by mistake, do not hang up. Tell the operator what happened so he/ she will know there isn’t an emergency and won’t automatically send responders to your location.


There are instances when you should not use 911. Only use 911 for real emergencies. Do not call 911 for the following:

  • To get information such as traffic or weather conditions.
  • To reach animal control or some other government department
  • To contact directory assistance
  • To report power outages or to get the time.
  • Expecting to get treated faster at the hospital. Emergency room personnel always treat critical patients before those who in better condition.
  • Prank Calling. It is illegal to make prank 911 calls.  


People who truly need emergency aid suffer when responders are dispatched on prank calls.  Parents should teach their children it is incorrect to make prank calls in any situation, especially to 911. In addition, every emergency puts responders and others at risk of traffic crashes.


The Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson Police Department, Clinton Police Department and Byram Police Department receive calls to 911 around the clock.  The location where the phone is dialed determines which 911 answering point receives the calls. The countywide ambulance service, AMR, also operates a 911 answering point specializing in medical emergencies.  When a person calls 911 in Hinds County to report a medical emergency, the law enforcement agency receiving the call transfers the call to AMR and then dispatches other resources, if needed, to the proper location.

The 911 Education Month is a project of the National Association of State 911 Administrators. For additional information, regarding this initiative, please visit the association’s website, at www.know911.org. The website has a list of numerous tools for familiarizing adults and children with the proper way to utilize 911 correctly.      

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