Junior high kids to put ‘design’ in Clinton skies

A new display of Arrow pride will soon grace the water tower near Clinton Junior High School, and it was Clinton Jr. High students who determined its design.


Every twenty years, a law requires maintenance on each Clinton water tank. This year, students participated in electronic voting on their school-issued iPads to determine what design would be painted on the water tower that sits on the edge of the CJHS campus, on the corner of Old Vicksburg Road and Lakeview Drive.


“Allowing the students to take part in the selection of a paint scheme will have a long-lasting benefit in their relation to their city,” Mayor Phil Fisher said, adding, “Imagine. The next time this tank gets painted, they will be 32- to 34-year olds.”


“We provided several designs, using multiple different color schemes and the same markings recently completed on the Highway 80 tank near Newk’s,” said Mark Jones, Director of Communication for the City.


“Everybody thought it was a great idea, and they loved that they were getting to take part in selecting the design,” said Katie Tracy, president of the CJHS Student Council.  “The winning design ended up being a black background with the word ‘Clinton’ on it and the Clinton Arrows’ logo in red.”


As a part of its scheduled twenty-year routine rehabilitation, the tank’s interior is currently being sandblasted and painted. In several weeks, workers will begin sandblasting and painting the exterior of the water tower.


“Involving students provides several benefits,” Fisher said.  “First, students will get to participate in a civic decision-making experience. Second, students will have a memory to share about participating in the water tower color and design decision-making process. Because the paint scheme lasts twenty years, these students could one day tell their children the story of choosing the tank design, therefore creating a lasting connection to their hometown.”


Tracy agrees,  “It will be neat for my classmates to be able to look at the tower many years from now and say ‘I helped pick the design for that water tank.’”


By Katherine R. Dougan

A mock-up of the design chosen by CJHS students for the water tower that is being refinished on the corner of Old Vicksburg Road and Lakeview Drive.

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