Making Your Home Safe For Clinton’s Birdlife

Making Your Home Safe For Clinton’s Birdlife

The thick woods and wetlands of Mississippi make a perfect breeding ground for wildlife of all types, and birds are no exception. Clinton in particular is home to dozens of bird species, including the distinctive red cockaded woodpecker and curious frigate bird, as highlighted by Bird Watchers Digest. Clearly, keeping these species safe is important, to preserve the biodiversity of the region. Unfortunately, damage can unknowingly be inflicted on avian wildlife, and it can be done from the confines of your own home.

The impact of your home

Your home may seem innocuous enough, but studies have shown that windows and doors can be lethal to birds. According to a study conducted by Oklahoma State University, nationally, up to 988 million birds die every year from colliding with windows. To make sure your home is the best it can be for birdlife, a simple change to make could be installing blinds to prevent birds colliding into them. Another good idea is to set bird baths and tables away from windows and walls, where a swooping animal could hurt themselves. You want to make your environment bird friendly, where your garden is a haven for them but your house doesn’t represent a potentially harmful mirage.

Taking further steps

Having blinds up throughout day and night can seem heavy handed and could impact your quality of life. For homeowners who want to take an extra bit of care, consider replacing your glass. Manufacturers produce glass with small patches of opaque material. This can be seen by birds, but not by humans, lessening the chance of collision without reducing your own quality of life. You can also have UV reflective glass installed, which, again, will impact on the bird and not you. Alternatively, if your home build will allow, you can have your glass tilted to 20 degrees, which will alter reflections and discourage birds from attempting to fly in your home’s direction.

A word on cleaning

In addition to the latent threat posed to birds by solid structures, it’s important to note that chemical cleaning agents also have an impact on local wildlife. The impact of chemical cleaners has been sharply felt in Clinton in recent years, with a drinking water notice the council issued fresh in the memory of many. Like all wildlife, birds are affected by harsh chemicals and these can be transmitted through windows. Use just water with natural solutions, such as vinegar and baking soda, to clean your windows. Often, good quality cloths can replace the streak-free clean that you would want for your glass that products provide.

Preventing your home from becoming a potential harm to avian life is important in an area as blessed with birds as Clinton is. It will protect your home, prevent potential repair costs, and give you a sense of well being. Most importantly, it will protect the birds of the region, meaning that they can be enjoyed by yourself and by generations to come.

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