Clinton Park School Supplies

Attention up coming Clinton Park Elementary kindergarten parents and up coming 1st grade parents!

You seriously need to take advantage of this AWESOME deal for school supplies for your Clinton Park Arrow!!

The supplies will be delivered to your child’s classroom and all you have to do is order them and pay for them. That means, your little or you won’t have to lug in a huge bag of supplies while trying to find a parking place or getting off the bus the first day of school.

These are CLINTON PARK TEACHER APPROVED. They were personalized JUST for Clinton Park Elementary! Click on the link below and check this off your list two months early!

The packs include everything your child will need except for a backpack and for kindergartners, a white t-shirt.

Any questions can be sent or call Holly Burnsat (601) 415-7210.

School ID is: CLI087

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