Arts Council Sets Annual Meeting

The Arts Council of Clinton will review its activities of the past year and explore plans for next year at the annual meeting and regular board meeting Thursday, July 11, at 6:30 p.m. at Northside Baptist Church.

Bob Blanton, president of the Arts Council, said that the sponsorship of the Thacker Mountain Radio Hour in Clinton in 2020 and other future plans will be discussed. The scholarship program designed to support area artists will also be on the agenda.

“The June 15 radio hour attracted the largest attendance so far,” Blanton said. “The response we’ve received from this year’s lineup of veteran R&B vocalist Dorothy Moore, British travel writer Richard Grant and Cajun fiddler Amanda Shaw and the Cute Guys band has been very enthusiastic.”

The Arts Council sponsors the Taste of the Arts and Artist Showcase each fall. Thacker Mountain Radio Hour, the Oxford-based music and literature program, has been a highlight the organization has sponsored for four years.

Everyone interested is invited to attend the annual meeting.

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