Three CPSD faculty members join the Mississippi Teacher Council

As Clinton High School teacher Heather McKinion prepares for the new school year, she’s taking on a state-level role.

“I’m very excited about having been selected to be a member of the Mississippi Teacher Council,” she said. “It’s a privilege to be an active voice in the educational decisions that affect our students and teachers in the state of Mississippi.”

McKinion, who teaches Geometry and Algebra 2 at CHS, joins fellow Clinton Public School District faculty members in serving on this board – Dr. Clay Norton, CHS Algebra 2 teacher and Dr. Veressa Coyt, special education and inclusion teacher at Sumner Hill.

Each year, the Mississippi Department of Education selects teachers from across the state to serve on this council and provide feedback to Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education. Formed in 2016, the Mississippi Teacher Council now includes 381 educators.

“This gives us, as educational leaders, an opportunity to help shape the future of education in Mississippi,” Norton said. “This is an important endeavor that we cannot take lightly.”

Council members will be asked to provide feedback on the initiatives of MDE, the Mississippi State Board of Education, and the Mississippi State Legislature. Dr. Wright meets with teachers quarterly in different regions of the state.

“When I found out I had been selected I was excited,” Coyt said. “This will allow me to be a voice for students with disabilities in the Clinton Public School District.”

The Mississippi Teacher Council aims to empower teachers to discuss topics critical to their success in the classroom and how MDE can help.

“The MTC will provide a venue for teachers to become advocates for their students and their profession through input into the decision-making process,” Wright said.

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