Clinton schools recognize Rising Arrows for second nine-weeks

 There are hundreds of children in Clinton’s public schools who come to school with a positive attitude, encourage others and work hard.

The Rising Arrow student award honors students who are quietly working to make the world a better place.

“We began this award to recognize students who demonstrate integrity and good character,” said Dr. Tim Martin, superintendent of schools. “They help others in need, both at school and in their community. They are kind to others. They do the right thing without being asked, only because it’s the right thing to do. The Rising Arrow award is a way to say thank you for being good people, and not just good students.”

The Rising Arrow award is given to one student per school per nine weeks period. Teachers and staff nominate students who show integrity, good character and who are helping and encouraging others around them. Winners are recognized at a school board meeting, and receive gifts from Chick-fil-A.

First nine-weeks winners include:

  • Harper Sprowles, first grade, Clinton Park Elementary

Harper has come such a long way physically and cognitively. When she started at Clinton Park, she was in a wheelchair and now we watch her proudly walk around the room. Making physical leaps and bounds is common for children with disabilities, but as she has grown her smile has always been consistent. She is such a loving, caring girl. Recently a new student who cannot walk started in our classroom, and Harper walked toward him right away. Not only did she want to welcome him, she has been encouraging him to be more independent. She motions for him to come with her so they can play together. Her heart, insight, and empathy affect all around her. She loves and welcomes everyone. Our room (and lives) wouldn’t be the same without her.

  • Emory Crenshaw, third grade, Northside Elementary School

Emory Crenshaw has a level of care and respect that stands out among third-graders. She is always respectful and kind to her fellow students and teachers. She truly cares about the people and environment around her. The best example of this thoughtfulness happened recently at recess. Without any adult telling her to do so, Emory started to spend her recess picking up trash on the playground. After the first day, her friend from class joined her in picking up the trash. After a few days, there were about five kids spending their entire recess picking up trash on the playground. Emory then checked out library books on litter and pollution to learn more about what she was doing. This inspired her to start a “no littering” campaign at Northside. She went home and drew flyers to remind people not to be “litter bugs,” but to “be an Arrow.” She asked Mrs. Ambrose for permission to hang the flyers around Northside as a daily reminder for everyone in the building. She is such a thoughtful and creative student who truly cares for the people and things around her.

  • Layni Saint Sing, fourth grade, Eastside Elementary School

Layni is a wonderful student. She’s a great role model for all around. She works hard daily in her academics but one of her greatest characteristics is that she has a heart of gold. Layni treats everyone the same and genuinely loves and cares for all her classmates and teachers. She is responsible, respectful, helpful and so very kind. We can always count on Layni to be the one to help cheer someone up, play with someone who doesn’t have anyone to play with, say something kind to a friend who is having a bad day, and so much more. Layni is the perfect example of a Rising Arrow and I’m so glad we have the privilege of teaching her.

  • Riley Parham, sixth grade, Lovett Elementary School

Riley Parham is definitely striving for excellence and so much more. She is an overall well-rounded person who has a strong work ethic and character. Outside of school, she is a BSA scout, a member of Makos swim team, and active member at her church. She enjoys volunteering in different ways within her community and exhibits strong characteristics, such as honesty, patience, organization, and friendliness. She strives to be the best she can be each day and is always willing to push herself while being helpful and friendly to those around her. Riley has a very calm demeanor as she faces each day to the best of her abilities.

  • Brice Nunnery, Clinton Junior High School

Brice is an amazing leader and a model student at CJHS. He works extremely hard to excel in both academics and behavior. He is in honor society, band and plays soccer. Brice is very respectful to all teachers, students and everyone he encounters. He is a positive role model for others and exhibits the habit of excellence every day. We are extremely proud to have Brice Nunnery at Clinton Junior High.

  • Gavin Keir, ninth grade, Sumner Hill Junior High School

Gavin has a great work ethic in each of his classes. Gavin has earned an A in each of his classes. He sets goals and organizes all of his materials for each class. Aside from academics, he is a very pleasant, respectful and patient young man. He often displays generosity by helping his peers with homework, allowing them to use his notes and helping teachers when necessary.

  • Maya Purohit, 12th grade, Clinton High School

Maya takes the initiative and is a leader, especially for our low-level and younger students. If her teacher is absent for any reason on a B day, she leads any work the students need to complete. She has earned the respect of her classmates. Early in the year she created a group chat with the students. Through this, she sends them reminders to complete their chapter assignments, when AR points are due, and remind them about school events. She takes the initiative on when and what to send them. Maya works individually with students to improve their English, help them with homework (again, takes initiative to help without anyone asking), and has sat right next to a classmate who is new to CHS to be sure that he is on task. She taught another classmate dance moves and slang like the other students use (like the dab). When he does the dab, it’s their way to say hello and be friends since his English is so low. She is always giving of herself to the other students through her time, bringing cupcakes on her birthday, and beyond what’s expected to reach out to the kiddos. Because the other students respect her, they want to share with her parts of their culture and food. She always kindly tries it and accepts whatever they are sharing with her, even egg yolk cake. She encourages them in who they are and where they are from while helping them acclimate to CHS and to English.

Second nine weeks Rising Arrow award winners include (front row, from left) Layni Saint Sing, Eastside Elementary School; Emory Crenshaw, Northside Elementary School; Harper Sprowles, Clinton Park Elementary School; (back row, from left) Maya Purohit, Clinton High School; Gavin Keir, Sumner Hill Junior High; Brice Nunnery, Clinton Junior High; and Riley Parham, Lovett Elementary School.

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