The rebuilding of Kids Towne put on hold

The rebuilding of Kids Towne kicked off on Saturday with a small number of volunteers showing up to  help.  Unfortunately,  the work came to an unplanned stop.    The city posted the following statement:

Due to some unforeseen site work issues, Kids’ Towne Park community build will be cancelled for Sunday and Monday. Once these issues have been resolved we will send out an update to allow others the opportunity to continue building Kids’ Towne Park.

When looking for more info on why the building of Kid’s Towne was delayed, Bobby Guillory, volunteer explained  “There were some issues on site that need to be addressed before the rest of the park is completed. Most of it has to do with leveling of the dirt and getting it to grade.”

It has also been a hot topic around town about the lack of volunteers that showed up to help with the project this go round compared to the original numbers that turned out for the first build in the mid 90’s.

Chip Ledbetter posted this charge to parents “The hundreds of volunteers who built the original kids town, are waiting to see how this generation of parents, answers the call. This slight burden is not on us. It’s on you. Do the right thing for your children. Teach them well.”

The Clinton Courier will share more info when they are able to reschedule the build of the park.  More picture below from the first day of rebuilding Kid’s Town.

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