What are the common problems that bats cause in Mississippi?

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Bats are a species of wild animals that cause several problems in Mississippi. The reason behind Mississippi facing bat problem is its coastal location. Bats are found in abundance either in the forests or coastal areas. Here, you will have a look at problems that bats usually cause in Mississippi. As every problem does have a solution, you will find effective ways to fight these problems associated with bats.


A few diseases associated with bats

bat with rabiesRabies: Rabies is a disease that is caused due to the bite of various animals. Most often, it is associated with dogs. But, it should be recognized that bats may be carriers of the rabies virus as well. 

The reason why is very simple as there is a chance that the bats may have eaten some animal that was rabies positive. If you have faced a bat bite, you should seek medical attention promptly and get vaccinated against rabies. 

Rabies is a threat to both people and pets.

Histoplasmosis: Histoplasmosis is also a common disease associated with bats. It spreads from the droppings of bats and can become airborne. 

These are two common diseases bats cause in Mississippi. However, the problems bats cause doesn’t end only with diseases from their bites or droppings. Their dead bodies can also indirectly cause issues. Different parasites can cause problems as they feed on bat remains. 


How parasites cause bat-oriented problems 

Parasites are organisms that feed on other species.

When bats die and don’t get disposed of properly, they eventually become the food of the parasites. In such cases, the insects around you can be the carriers of the rabies virus. It should be your first concern to dispose of the dead bodies of the bats. 

Ticks and mites can also be the carrier of rabies and cause histoplasmosis because there are chances that their food chain is associated with the dead body of the bats.


bat inside houseSolutions to the problems caused due to bats in Mississippi 

  • Different diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis are more likely to attack you if bats are present in your home or on your property. Ensure there are no entry points that bats can use to enter your house.
  • If bats enter your home, you should contact professionals to help you properly and humanely remove them.
  • Once removed, make sure to dispose of their droppings properly and disinfect where they resided. It is important to take the necessary precautions so as to ensure their droppings do not become airborne.  

These are the common issues caused by bats and some solutions to combat bats in Mississippi. The problems associated with bats vary from area to area. But, it is common among all bats that they may be carrying various diseases and cause damage to your property. 

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