Clinton Board of Aldermen approves $300K equipment purchases, bid, repairs

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In a meeting that lasted less than twenty minutes, the Board of Aldermen used half that time to unanimously approve spending almost $216,000 for new vehicles, equipment and equipment repairs for the City, with approval to spend an additional $100,000 for bids to purchase a Jet-Vac sewer cleaning truck.
Jet-Vac Truck, SewageAccording to Public Works Director Dexter Shelby, the Sewer Jet-Vac truck must be purchased via a reverse auction, since the truck isn’t on the list of equipment for City purchase. PH Bidding group will assist with this process.
In a reverse auction, the price for purchase is set high, with bids coming in consecutively lower amounts.
“The Legislature, in their infinite wisdom, starts at the top price bids and goes down,” explained Mayor Phil Fisher. This process requires that the City utilize the services of PH Bidding in order to solicit bids for the equipment. PH Bidding sends out the specifications and locates the vehicle for the City.
Once bids are received, the City will present the low bids to the Board for approval. Based on internet research into equipment costs, used Sewer Jet-Vac trucks cost about $65,000, with new trucks ranging from $100,000 and up.
The Jet-Vac cleaning process consists of a truck with a hose and nozzle that is propelled forward in the sanitary sewer line by high water pressure. Water pressure is usually 1100-1200 psi at the nozzle, which corresponds to eighty gallons of water per minute delivered at the nozzle. The high water pressure allows the nozzle to propel the hose forward in a rotating manner to clear obstructions in the sewer line.
The City will use the Jet-Vac Sewer cleaning equipment throughout the year; however, the need for the cleaning occurs more frequently in the summer and fall, when rain causes debris to clog the sewer system.
City of ClintonThe Board also approved accepting the lower and best quote from Equipped to Serve Equipment Depot in the amount of $26,499.95 to purchase one 5,000-pound capacity LP Pneumatic Tire Forklift for the Clinton Public Works Department. This piece of equipment will help City workers “unload big stuff,” explained Shelby. The City currently uses a forklift or backhoe to pick up large equipment, and load and unload large equipment. The tire forklift is designed to lift large equipment.
City of Clinton, AldermanIn discussion about the Northside Tanglewood Well Pumps, Ward 2 Alderman Jim Martin said, “The pipes have broken down, and been in poor condition for a long time.” The City approved the low bid quote of $59,300 from Grinder Drilling Service, Inc. to make repairs to the aging well-pump equipment.
In addition, the City approved the purchase of a 650M WT OR LGP Dozer for $103,900, the state contract price. Shelby explained that the dozer is needed for the walking trails and various other trails in the city.
“There’s only so much we can do with a tractor and blade,” Shelby explained.
Purchase of a Ford F-350 Regular Cab Chassis 60” CA with a gas engine upgrade for $26,150 was also approved for Clinton’s Public Works Department. This vehicle is used for signs, pavement markers and other uses. The City’s current vehicle is a 2000 model, and needs to be replaced, Shelby said.
In other business, the Board approved declaring property located at 109 Meadow Lane Circle to be a menace to public health and safety of the community.
The next Board meeting will begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 7, in the municipal courtroom, 305 Monroe Street.

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  1. William Mixon on July 10, 2020 at 9:41 pm

    When will the city resume picking up leaves at curbside. Plowing out sewers would not be necessary at bottom of hills if leaves were vacuumed as in the past. I have lived here 43 years and am 84 years old and on limited income. I pay for water,sewage and garbage pick up. Why has a benefit of living in Clinton been taken away. With Continental Tire coming to town, you would think the powers that be would want more benefits to move to Clinton than taking away perps.

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