CPSD announces new traffic pattern for elementary schools on Arrow Drive

Parents dropping students off at Clinton Park, Northside and Eastside Elementary schools will have a new traffic pattern to follow for both morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.

The Clinton Public School District and Clinton Police Department have worked together to create a plan that will hopefully help with Arrow Drive’s traffic congestion.

Instead of dropping off students in the front of campus, parents will drop off their students at the back of campus.

All Eastside and Northside traffic will enter through the Eastside entrance, and all Clinton Park traffic will enter the Clinton Park parking lot off Justins Way.

Detailed instructions can be found under the “Back to School” section on the Clinton Public School District’s website as well as a downloadable map and video.

For more information, visit www.clintonpublicschools.com.

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  1. Mike Smith on August 15, 2020 at 3:55 am

    This decision lacks common sense and causes parents & kids to be late for work or school. Superintendents won’t return calls or emails to discuss the matter. Not having that road open. For traffic both ways makes traffic bad and is a HUGE problem for anyone who lives in the Clinton park side of Clinton that has to go to Northside or Eastside in the morning.

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