Library sets browsing appointments for patrons

Efforts continue for the Clinton Quisenberry Library to reach out to patrons who wish to visit the facility that has had limited access times during the past COVID-19 months.

“The next step in our COVID-19 journey is the addition of browsing appointments, allowing customers to make an appointment to come into the library and browse for materials,” said Susan Delmas, Clinton Branch librarian.

The library staff began making appointments Thursday, November 5, for browsing appointments to begin that same day.

Appointments start on the half hour and last for thirty minutes.  Patrons can come to the library alone, but they can also make an appointment for others to accompany them.  Parents need to make an appointment for themselves and their children, with each child needing an appointment to control numbers in the library. An adult child and his or her elderly parent will both need an appointment.  

“We’re going to start with five browsing appointments per half hour,” explains Delmas.  “If that number isn’t sufficient or you have a larger family wanting to come in, please let us know so that we can work out a plan.”   She explained that recent electrical problems in the building have occurred and help from the city in facing the challenge is very much appreciated.

No major research and long engaged times in the library are allowed at this time. 

Interested persons can call 601-924-5684 for appointments or for further information.

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