8 Helpful Tips for Newbie Sports Bettors


Sports betting seems like a clean-cut matter to many. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.


It is a complex and potentially expensive hobby. However, you should not perceive it as just a hobby. This mindset is the first thing that should be changed when entering the sports betting world. When you approach it from a business standpoint, you will have the advantage from the very beginning.


Here are some tips on how to do that if you want to embark on a journey to become a successful sports bettor. 

1. Do Your Research First

Don’t start betting with a blindfold over your eyes. Knowledge is what will help you win. Before you place your bet, learn the basics and find out which method you prefer. If you find phone bill sports betting most convenient, dive into its benefits and look into which sites have the best reputation. You will probably find yourself a little bit lost in the beginning, when you conquer the basics and then dive into expert tips and tactics, your confidence and experience will grow. Find out what works and what doesn’t, how to place and manage your wagers, and the intricacies of the sport you want to bet on.

2. Be Realistic

Starting small is the best thing you can do for yourself when you decide on betting. Also, staying small is what many of the best bettors do. Putting huge amounts of money into one bet is the worst way to go about it. 


Be realistic: even though the odds may seem like they are in your favor, that could change in the blink of the eye. Try not to rush at the beginning and put all your eggs into one basket just because you get too excited or you are convinced that you will win. Also, start with bets that have smaller stakes. More exciting bets will come later when you have more experience and have already developed your own tactics.

3. Stay on a Budget

Having a self-imposed limit when you are betting is crucial. However obvious it may seem, many people make the mistake of going overboard with their money. This road leads to having huge financial problems that can put you into crippling debt for life. Set an amount you are able to spend on betting, stay disciplined, and stick to it. Sometimes, going overboard may seem attractive because of the certainty of the win or the potential winning amount. Never let it sway you from your budget. Also, make sure to set a realistic amount to keep you disciplined. Being impatient and greedy can do more bad than good.

4. Keep the Record of All Your Bets

Write down the details of your every bet, no matter if you win or lose. The fact is, becoming better at betting and predicting the odds is mostly a trial-and-error process. If you keep the records of every bet you make, you will be able to easily spot the patterns and develop tactics. 


Statistics are a major part of sports betting. In the best-case scenario, going by instinct will lead you nowhere, and in the worst-case scenario, into crippling debt. For most betting experts, analyzing tactics and planning their strategy is where all of the fun lies.

5. Stick to What You Know

Since you’re reading this, we will assume that you are somewhat of a sports fan and that there is at least one sport that you are passionate about. 


When starting out in the sports betting world, it is best to stick to what you know best. You will have to have an in-deep understanding of the rules and regulations of the sport that you want to bet on. It will help you make rational, profitable decisions and have fun when doing it. 


Many people make the mistake of betting on too wide of a range of spots when starting out. Your decisions will be based on your gut instinct for most of the sports you are not that familiar with, which is definitely not a wise way to go about it.

6. Stay Unbiased



Inexperienced bettors will often make the mistake of letting their emotions make decisions, instead of logic and statistics. Be careful and don’t let it happen to you. At one point it may be extremely appealing to bet on your favorite or your local team, despite all the odds. If it happens once or twice, it will happen again. That is one of the most common ways to lose money. 


Some experts even go as far as to recommend completely avoiding betting on the team you like. Never make a bet when you are not clear of mind, including when you’re too passionate. 

7. Know When to Stop

Unfortunately, the biggest problem of people who regularly lose money betting is that they don’t know when to stop. Always remember: even a small win is still a win. You should never go forcibly chasing that perfect win streak because, more often than not, there is a big probability that you will lose money. And the probability is what the whole concept of sports betting is based on. 


Let neither win nor loss distract you and make you stray too far from your budget. Stay level headed, and learn when it is the right time to walk from the table.

8. Keep Up With the News

As we previously said, knowledge is power. When you pick the sport you want to bet on, make sure to catch every news story, article, or prediction related to it. Even the smallest detail or an event can affect the odds of the game. Joining a betting or a sports forum might be a good place to start. Pay close attention to what other people think and compare it to your predictions. You will learn different strategies, sports facts you may not have known, and what are the most common mistakes people make when betting.


When you want to start earning money from betting on sports, you need to stay disciplined and make a plan. The world of betting is known to have many traps, each one more appealing than the other. The trick is that you should never let yourself get swayed by them. Be careful, attentive to detail, and patient. Beginnings are always the hardest part.


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