Colorful Days in Clinton

Spring has arrived and concern about wintry damage for azaleas and other colorful spring plants was unfounded as banks of azaleas adorn the Mississippi College campus, Phillips House and many lawns throughout Clinton.  Although many of the Japanese magnolia varieties had blooms nipped in the bud as the ice storm struck Clinton in February, other flowers have responded well after the days of freezing temperatures. A downed tree did not respond well to high winds from an earlier thunderstorm, but a hardy wisteria vine has made its way through the tree branches, proving its extreme ruggedness.  The long-lived vining plant with cascades of blue to purple and sometimes white flowers is making appearances throughout the city and draping over trees along the Natchez Trace. The vine can reach over 30 feet in length and has been known to challenge those who allow it to roam without trimming.
— by Carole Kelly


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