Industries That Use Sanitary Stainless Steel

Industries That Use Sanitary Stainless Steel

Look around your home, your work office, or the area you’re in right now. Can you spot any items made of stainless steel? Chances are, you can; stainless steel is one of the most widely used materials throughout multiple industries. One type of stainless steel—stainless steel with a smooth, sanitary finish—is quite popular in industries where easily cleanable, hygienic surfaces are required. Below, we’ll explore just a few of the industries that use sanitary stainless steel.


Sanitary stainless steel is easy to sterilize and highly resistant to corrosion, making it the perfect material for use in the medical industry. In an industry so concerned with health, the last thing you want is for someone to get an infection due to a dirty medical tool or other piece of equipment. Stainless steel is used for everything from surgical tools to dental equipment to operating tables. It can also be used in operations for things such as setting bones with metal pins.


Similar to the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry is directly concerned with the health of its clients. Since one of the industry’s functions is to develop drugs that will be distributed to their clients, it’s important for the equipment in which those medications are manufactured to be hygienic. Typically, the pharmaceutical industry uses sanitary stainless steel tubing to transport chemicals safely.

Food Manufacturing and Services

In the food manufacturing and food service industries, sanitary equipment is essential. If the equipment used in the food manufacturing or preparation processes is dirty or unsanitary, these industries risk contaminating their food and making customers sick. Stainless steel equipment is ideal for use in the food manufacturing and service industries, as the equipment will not be destroyed or contaminated by rust, and its smooth, polished surface is very easy to clean and sterilize. In the food manufacturing industry, stainless steel is often used in tanks or vats where food or beverages are created. In the food services industry and kitchens in general, stainless steel pots, pans, cutlery, and even countertops are incredibly common.

With your new awareness of the industries that use sanitary stainless steel, you may start to notice stainless steel everywhere you go. Perhaps the durable, corrosion-resistant, sanitary material is appropriate for use in your own home or industry!

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