A poem for Mom: “My Stained-Glass Superhero” by James Jenkins

My Stained-Glass Superhero

By James Jenkins


From her son,

Who has never known her hurts of love or the struggle of mothering’s flaws so great,

I watch her collect the pieces of her broken soul that lay scattered on the path of fate.

Her heart bleeds from the broken shards as she creates a replica of what might have been,

She is a continuous work of art, a beautiful life mosaic of who, what, now, and when.

I recognize the patterns found in every piece of her life’s mosaic as her tenements of love,

Most fail to notice her beauty and the strength of her mind, lofty realms floating like a dove.

I have hope, as she creates my future placed into her life’s mosaic and her past disguise,

Broken pieces forged with her will of steel to recreate our past and where the mind lies.

I see her destiny evolve upward, reaching for the light, to withstand, and be victorious,

And when the light shines through her stained-glass masterpiece, she is Glorious!”

She has created my Superhero.



**Poem submitted by Dr. E.M. Watkins, written by James Jenkins




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