After slight rain delay, Arrow Drive paving back on track

By Katherine R. Dougan

After rain slowed plans to begin the Arrow Drive paving and the multi-use path project, the City predicts the project will be back on track with the drier conditions, City Communications Director Mark Jones stated. The paving project for Arrow Drive was set to begin the third week of June, with the Arrow Drive/Cynthia Road multi-use path project under way.

The project ties the existing asphalt path that runs from Clinton High School to Clinton Park Elementary to Pinehaven Road to the west, and down Cynthia Road to Baseball Alley to the east. The project is touted to enhance the recreational opportunities available to residents and visitors, a City news release stated.


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The City on June 1 unanimously approved awarding a bid of $949,588.30 to Adcamp for the 2021 street paving project, with Arrow Drive the top of the list, according to Consulting City Engineer Bill Owen.  

“The bids came in lower than what we expected, and I recommend approval; but, just to make it clear, we did have five bids. It was welcome [news] to know that we did have five bidders,” Owen told the Board at the June 1 meeting. The City had estimated the project at $1.2 million.



At the time the City was soliciting bids, because of fluctuating prices in construction all over the country, Owen explained that he wasn’t sure if the prices would be higher or lower than the City’s estimated bid, so it was good news to see the bid come in low and to have five companies bidding for the project, he said.

The additional $250,000 that was allotted for the project but not needed because the bid came in lower will be used for additional paving, according to streets on the list set for paving, and also for additional striping, Owens explained, adding that it is likely the work can be handled with change orders as needed instead of rebidding the project to accommodate additional paving and striping.


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The incoming new Board will make decisions about the additional paving and striping, Mayor Phil Fisher explained. He assured the Board that the extra $250,000 will be used for paving and striping.

The City’s website has a schedule of roads slated for milling and overlay. 


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