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Building Your Own House: How To Decide On The Shape Of The Roof



Building your own house can be a lot of fun – but it’s also extremely stressful. When you are doing it on your own, the sky’s the limit, you get to make all the decisions, and sometimes you’ll find it hard to choose one thing over the other! With lots of research and planning, you can get your dream home in no time! Here’s how to decide on the shape of the roof!

Know your options

First things first, if you are not an architect or someone who has experience in architecture, you probably have no idea how many roof types there are – so to make the perfect decision, it’s best to look at your options! The most common roof styles are the hipped and the gable roof, as they are seen on most houses! But on the other hand, you have more complicated styles like barrel-like roofs or even flat roofs! You should also take into consideration if you’re planning on having an attic or not, as it can truly influence your further renovations along the way. Most people never change the shape of their roof once they make it, they usually stick to it – so make sure you decide on a roof you really like! 

Know the materials

As you might have noticed, roofs are starting to look more and more different, especially nowadays when there are a lot more options when it comes to materials. Some people prefer a traditional red shingle whilst others want a more modern concrete look. It’s a good idea to see what kind of roofs are popular in your area, nowadays options are limitless, you have metal roofing in Albuquerque, you have wooden roofing, aluminum, and many more. It all depends on what kind of home you are building, do you have a facade and style in mind, if you do you can match it with the right kind of roof! Choosing a material will greatly influence the rest of your roof-building journey, so make sure you pick the right one! 

Depending on the aesthetic of the house

When building your own house from the ground up, you have so much creative freedom, make sure you use it to your advantage! Since there are so many house aesthetics like modern or victorian, picking the style of the house before the roof is necessary! This way you’ll have something to work with, at least you’ll know what to look for in order to match it to the aesthetic in mind! You don’t have to strictly follow a certain style, as there are no rules, but if you have a set vision in mind, make sure you choose the roof after you’ve already made a decision regarding the rest of the house! 


Don’t forget the price

Some roofing systems are more expensive than others, it all depends on the size of the house itself. It’s a good idea to set a strict budget before you start looking into your options, this way you’ll know how much you can spend on a roof. It can make your search harder, but with slight modifications, you can still get your dream roof! Make sure you put the cost of the materials and the estimated size of the house, that way you can approximately get a hint of how much your roof will cost! As mentioned, a lot of people stick to one type of roof and rarely change it, so it’s better to invest a bit more in your dream roof now than having to remodel your entire house in the future just to change the roof – keep that in mind! 

Additional things to consider

Sure, a roof is there to protect the top of your house, make it look a certain way, and just complete the structure. But, there are also other ways you would use your roof, like adding solar panels and using them to make power. This is a great thing to have in mind before you start making your roof because you can modify your idea and make the roof that’s most suitable for solar panels! Thankfully solar panels can work on most roofing systems, but if you want to make a custom design and make your roof extremely detailed and intricate, you might want to reconsider – see what’s more important, adding solar panels or having a unique roof! 


At the end of the day, it all depends on what you like. It’s best that you do your research, look at roofs in your area and decide which one would look the best with your house! There are so many options with different shapes, materials, and styles, so you can truly make something unique and interesting!


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