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Board reappoints department heads, creates Communications and Tourism department

By Katherine R. Dougan

At their August 17 meeting, Clinton’s Board of Aldermen approved appointments/reappointments for City department heads. The positions were initially on the July 16 meeting agenda for approval, however, the Board asked for more time to review the positions in detail before granting approval.

Reappointments approved unamiously include Russell Wall, City Clerk/Chief Financial Officer; WGK Engineers and Surveyors as the City’s engineering firm; Phillip Lilley, Director of Public Works; Roy Edwards, Director of Community Development; Ford Hayman, Police Chief; Jeff Blackledge, Fire Chief; Adam Wade, Director of Parks and Recreation; William Purdie, City Attorney: Steven D. Boone, City Judge; Ottawa Carter, Judge Pro-Tem; Kevin Rundlett, City Prosecutor; Graham Carner, Public Defender: Tara Lytal, Director of Main Street Clinton; Dr. Walter Howell, City Historian; and Chandra Broomfield, Director of Therapeutic Recreation.


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Ward 1 Alderwoman Karen Godfrey made a motion to reappoint Anna Boyd Hawks as director of the Olde Towne Depot and to reappoint Marsha Barham as director of the Clinton Visitor Center, but with a few changes to the positions and the department. With a vote of 6-0, with Ward 3 Alderman William O. Barnett as the dissenting vote, the Board restructured the Clinton Visitor Center and Olde Towne Depot directors’ positions into sub-departments under the City’s Department of Communications and Tourism. While the salaries for the positions will not be changed, the positions will no longer be department head positions, but will instead be supervised by the Director of Communications and Tourism.
Alderwoman Godfrey also made a motion to reappoint Mark Jones as the City’s Communications Director, but the motion included a change to the department name, making it the Department of Communications and Tourism. The salary will be unchanged.

Earlier in August, Jones had announced his departure from his City position to take another job, but the aldermen confirmed his position – and change of title – until his resignation becomes effective.
“You understand that Mark has resigned, effective August 31?” Mayor Fisher queried. Godfrey responded: “He [Mark Jones] is the department head until that time.” The vote was 6-1, with Alderman Barnett the dissenting vote.
Director of Economic Development Gabriel Prado’s reappointment was not addressed, as Prado resigned at the beginning of the Board meeting.

According to Jones, speaking as the Director of Communications, appointments/reappointments happen at the beginning of every four-year term for the next term. The board has nintey days into a new term to take action on appointments. The City’s fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.

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